Saturday, January 12

It's kinda an emergency

I got the best phone call Saturday morning. It was 8:25 and I had just stumbled downstairs, deciding my husband needed some help controlling all the crying I was hearing. I pick up the phone, assuming it is my in-laws who are due at my house at 9:00, and hear, "Hi, Katy, It's Mlle-Claudette. Ooo, I see I woke you up, but its kinda an emergency. I need brown thread to finish Kelly's quilt" Instant smile. You need thread??!! That is a wonderful emergency. "Yeah, I have some," I tell her. She goes on - "Oh great, I'm attaching the binding to her quilt and I need chocolate brown thread. I'll be over in 15 minutes." So, I go down to my sewing corner, get the thread, still smiling, quickly take a picture of it because I know I want to record this humorous little emergency.

Mlle-Claudette is a fellow member of a quilting group I've been a part of for 6 years now. We meet once a month for 5 hours and dish, eat, share our lives and quilt (all in that order). We make group projects for members and friends to recognize babies, marriages, new houses and even first communions. Our recent project was for a member who just got married. The plan was to present her with our gift today at Quilt Club and Mlle-Claudette was rushing to complete the quilt.

When I heard her knock on the door I opened it to hear, "Thanks, can you believe people pay me manage their projects?!" We exchanged a few pleasantries and then she headed home to cram for Quilt Club. The smile from this emergency didn't leave my face all morning. I love my quilting friends. We really will still be doing this when we're 80.

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