Monday, January 7

Time for Goodbye . . .

The time came to say goodbye to my sister and fiance after their week long visit. It was a special visit as they recently got engaged. I got to see "the rock" and go bridal dress shopping with my sis, talk wedding and look through LOTS of bridal magazines. Emily and Jeff live in Hilo and get to visit about 2 times a year. Emily occasionally comes more often if she's lucky enough to go to a conference here in Seattle. Now it is our turn to visit them for their wedding in October. Here are my favorite parts of their visit:
  1. Playing BIG Boggle (even though Emily kicked way too much ass)
  2. Watching my beautiful little sister try on wedding dresses at I Do Bridal
  3. The impromptu pizza dinner with our cousins where Emily turned on the charm! Aloha!
  4. My I love Jim Halpert note pad Christmas gift from Jeff
  5. Our Mexican Fiesta Meal their first night here.
  6. Trip to see The Fremont Troll
  7. Getting them started on their own wedding blog (me giving tech help???)
  8. Dinner and a movie night - The Greek restaurant was mediocre, but the movie - Into the Wild was EXCEPTIONAL
  9. Seeing Emily getting roped into some dramatic play with Eva, my oldest. Yes, they spent a fair amount of time upstairs looking for chocolate ghosts and skeletons, using my closet hangers to catch them. fun. Thanks Em, extremely glad it wasn't me playing that game.
  10. Watching season 3 of The Office with them.


Emily & Jeff said...

You made me LOL! Back at ya Sis! My highlights - (note Chocolate Ghost Game is not on the list)
1)Your Boggle email and spelling of Tipi.
2)Benefitting from your creative vision and ideas for the wedding, especially the tropical flower theme.
3)your coffee cake
4)Your smile when you opened your US Weekly christmas gift.
5)Learning how to blog from you
6)Audrey's sprout pony tail
7)Exchanging looks with you when Eva and mom were doing talent show in the living room
8)The night Tara and folks came over (I know, I know, don't say it...Aloha, there, there you go)
9)hearing little running feet in the morning
10)Talking about marriage with you late night on the couch
I love you Dutch!

Emily & Jeff said...

I enjoyed watching Eva chasing "Puffer Pants" around the house and taking walks in the neighborhood. I hadn't been in such cold weather since my days in Missouri. It was always nice to be greeted by you and the kids in your warm house.

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