Saturday, February 9

Chinese Coins

Thanks to Trina from Woven Chains I found a pattern for the baby quilt. She loaned me a stack of baby quilt books filled with patterns. I decided to go with the Chinese Coins pattern. One that I've wanted to make for some time. The pattern would showcase the sock monkey fabric but also allowed for a random, scrappy look. I bought some additional sock monkey fabric from ebay and also picked up some coordinating reds, browns and creams at The Quilting Loft in Ballard.

Today my quilt club met, so I had 5 glorious hours to work on this project - in between eating, talking, showing, telling and then more eating. Always more eating. Food highlights included Thai coconut soup, Valentine sugar cookies, and candied nuts. Surprisingly I did get a lot done on the quilt. I finished the 4 columns and now need to decide on some fabric to go between the columns. Some suggestions have been to use solid chocolate brown with a thin red outer border or to do just the reverse. Take a look at the columns or "coins" and help me out. What do you think?


Woven Chains said...

I love it! I'm glad the books worked out. When I look at those fabrics with the monkeys and banana and such, I think something bark-y or tree trunk like would look good for the columns in between, or maybe something viney for the monkeys to swing on?

Great job so far, I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Sara said...

I like the idea of the solid chocolate brown with thin red! Course, I a super newbie to quilting - only just started my first one ever a couple weeks ago. I can sense the addiction forming... =)
That is cool bout our Borrego connection -hooray for good hikes!
Maybe I'll see you at Punk Rock Flea Market in March!

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