Friday, March 21

Chocolate Nests

Came across this project on Angry Chicken's blog. Seemed easy, fast and had a festive look. My plan was to make them all by myself, sans children. Quite an indulgence these days. Not surprisingly my oldest showed up in the kitchen just after I'd shaped the last nest. There was no way she was going back to bed without partaking in the chocolate, jelly bean fest I seemed to be having without her. So, avoiding a power struggle altogether I asked her to put the "eggs" into the nests. First she made one with blue eggs for herself, orange eggs for Daddy, lime green for Mommy and pink for sister. Next year we'll do them together.

Here are a few variations that may be worth a try:

melted chocolate chips substitutions:
-marshmallows with peanut butter
-melted white chocolate chips

shredded wheat substitutions:
-chow mein noodles
-semi crushed pretzels

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