Wednesday, March 12

Lots of Dough

Although my husband bakes rolls and occasionally cookies, his real passion in the kitchen is bread - rustic, artisan bread. He analyzes each loaf, adjusting the salt, baking time, rising time, flour, cornmeal - always striving to make it just right. He shares his bread baking passion with his uncle and when they get together it's complete analysis paralysis.

This pictures is from his latest loaf. It was as close to perfection as I've ever tasted. Warm from the oven, with a generous smear of butter and delivered to me at my sewing machine. Gulp. Sheer perfection.

1 comment:

Woven Chains said...

You totally cracked me up with the "analysis paralysis." I think it is something about men in the kitchen, because my husband is exactly the same way.

The bread looks scrumptious. I'm jealous that you got fresh baked bread from the oven.

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