Sunday, March 9

Product Review - Carbona Dye Grabber

I noticed it had been a while since I posted a product review so I asked my Quilt Club friends for help. Audrey, the maven of all that's new and cool immediately replied with a review of the Carbona Dye Grabber. Before posting her review, I thought it would be helpful to provide a brief explanation of these Grabbers. They are pieces of terry cloth that are designed to "grab" any dye or grime from the items in your load of wash. These would be particularly useful when washing a quilt or fabric that contains brights (red) that have the potential to run or bleed.

Here is what Audrey had to say:
For years I have washed my new quilt fabric with Woolite Dye Magnet sheets, but since I have been unable to find them lately, I gave this Dye Grabber a try. It's a piece of terry cloth that you can put in your laundry for up to thirty loads. So far so good. I haven't tried it with quilting fabric as I am on a new fabric moratorium until I reduce my stash. However, I have used it with brand-new dark blue organic cotton jeans and it worked perfectly. I like that I can use it so many times before throwing it away. The box says that it is 100% cotton, but does not list what magic chemicals make it work. It does say to keep it out of reach of children and dogs which makes me a bit nervous. I ordered a box of five for $18.69 from Amazon.

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