Tuesday, March 18

Walk & Flickr

Two things today:
First, I finally got a flickr account. Wow, I am in *way* over my head. I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no idea why most crafting/etsy people have them. I have no idea how to navigate around in there. I uploaded 14 pics of my oneises, dragged them into a 'set' and now I can't find 'em. ARGHHHH. Please, please someone enlighten me on this flickr thing. Really.

Second, the girls and I planted some seeds today and then took a walk around the block, looking for signs of spring. It was really my attempt to keep us outside in the spring sunshine. It worked. We had a delightful, long toddle around the block. I got some good pictures too. Hence my desire to create a flickr account. Here are a few of my favorite pictures and (hopefully) you can see the others on my flickr. Now, I must get off the computer.


Lisa said...

Great photos! I like Flickr for having an easy place to store pictures to then post on other places or to send the grandparents a set instead of overloading their email. But I think I am not "in the know" on the big fuss either!

Woven Chains said...

Beautiful pictures, Katy. Unfortunately, I am no hope with the flickr. I keep thinking I need to get one, but there is never enough time.

Anonymous said...

These photos are fantastic.

I think flickr has myspace-aspect to it that is somehow not at all like myspace. The minute you connect with people you know who have accounts, it becomes this fun way of seeing what they're up to.

Feel free to add me (it's under 'profile.')


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