Thursday, May 8

Warm Legs

So, I saw a woman wearing leg warmers the other day. I think they may be back in fashion (perhaps they never left?) as she looked pretty hip. Hmmmm, I'll check with Ambika, she'll know. After seeing her my mind went 2 places. First, to the 3 pairs of leg warmers I had as a kid. I must have been 9 or 10. I never had the courage to wear them, but I definitely liked having them and thinking about wearing them.

Next my mind went to my childhood Cabbage Patch Kid - Phoebe Arabella. I was recently reunited with her when I went searching for my Minny Mouse hat from Disney Land. My oldest is obsessed with Disney Land, ever since her cousin went, and *had* to see that hat. I found it and I found Phoebe. Like all the dolls my mom gave us, this one came with a complete wardrobe, designed and made by her. Wouldn't you know, Phoebe had her own set of leg warmers. With a matching knit mini skirt and shirt, of course.

No, the leg warmer clad woman didn't resemble a Cabbage Patch Kid, but it seems it didn't really matter. My mind went there anyway.

If you're wondering, yes, there are plenty of other *gems* in Phoebe's wardrobe. I could be talked into posting a few more pictures.


Lisa said...

OMG, I am now going to have to post my CP Faith with her cheerleading outfit, complete with leg warmers!!!! TOO FUNNY! I have been contemplating the leg warmers for the girls (tons on etsy of course!) but don't think I could pull it off for myself!

Molly said...

My cabbage patch doll has red hair too! I even made a pair of matching sweaters for the two of us back when I used to wear legwarmers (I only had one pair and wore them regularly). Thanks for the blast to the past.

Emily & Jeff said...

you should post photo the one of Missy (my cabbie) and Phoebe in the ski outfits mom made!!

Woven Chains said...

I don't know what is more frightening, the fact that you had a doll with leg warmers, or that you saved her, and knew just where to find her.

' said...

My childhood cabbage patch looked just like yours!

I love leg warmers... but couldn't pull them off either. But my daughter looks adorable in them... and she doesn't know any better.

Carrie said...

sniff sniff...
I never had a Cabbage Patch Doll... and I'm still pretty bitter about it. Lucky girls.

Anonymous said...

Being the mother who made the outfits I am
thrilled that they have been rediscovered. It
was such fun to sew for those dolls as they
were much bigger than Barbie. I believe I have
all the rest of the outfits upstairs in a dresser.
As the mother back then, I loved the idea of
leg warmers too but never wore them. I did admire
them on the ballet teachers however.

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