Sunday, May 4

The Weekend in Review

My mom is back in town! She brought 4 fresh-from-the-tree tangerines for the girls. They enthusiastically wolfed down all 4 this morning. After talking blog and photography, she loaned me her Canon Rebel to try out. Naturally, I'm totally intimidated but also chomping at the bit to give it a try. I read the first page of the instruction manual. I should be all set.

Our great friends from Eastern Washington spent the weekend with us. They are such kind hearted, easy to be around people. I enjoyed the visiting along with the abundance of good natured teasing. Bryce made breakfast for us this morning, complete with some homemade cinnamon rolls.

This afternoon we celebrated an early Mother's Day with the in-laws. We met at a park for a picnic dinner. The cousins (4 girls!) didn't stop moving once. I could watch them delight in each other's company all day long.

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Molly said...

breakfast looks yummy! found my way over here from crafty crow - seems we both got lucky with a shout out from the crow today. love the potholders - i'll keep that idea tucked away for future reference for sure. i should warn you, after playing with my friend's rebel xti i splurged and bought one of my own. i haven't got much further in the manual either. too busy taking pictures.

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