Thursday, July 3

Broccoli Surprise

Ah, my first broccoli harvest. Couldn't wait to pop it into the steamer and savor a taste.
And that's exactly what I did.
I opened the steamer,eager with anticipation, and saw these - 2 steamed CUT WORMS!

Apparently they missed the rinsing and chopping. Yeah, I know they're just worms. Yeah, I know they were just subjected to a boiling hot steam bath. But I was totally grossed out. Utterly and completely. It may have been different if it was a friendly pink earthworm that I had discovered. But these white, puffy, seemingly gooey grub-like creatures just repulse me.

Feeling disappointed, I did some serious self-talk, reminding myself the worms were NOT in the broccoli anymore. That there was absolutely nothing wrong with the broccoli. I sampled a piece and was amazed with the flavor. Who knew broccoli was sweet? This home grown broccoli tasted nothing like the broccoli from the grocery store. Tender, sweet and the most beautiful shade of green.

After my brave nibble I went to tell Bryce about my worm fiasco. When I returned to the kitchen I found 2 of these crawling out of the sink. Washed them down the drain. Tossed the broccoli in the trash. I swear I'll eat the next harvest.

Hello Muffin Tin Peeps! Yes, I'm talking to you. Join our flickr group. Post your pics and show your Muffin Tin Pride (okay, that's a bit much.)


Karen C said...

BT (Dipel, etc.) is your friend.

When my son was little(r), a favorite book was Clara the Caterpillar. When I planted a garden this year and my cabbage ended up looking like Swiss cheese, Clara definitely fell out of favor with me.

Dayna said...

I get so icked out when I bring my lovely produce in from the garden and find bugs/worms/etc. I KNOW it's normal and natural but I can't help it. It took a lot for me to not throw away a handful of oregano housing a very large caterpillar the other day!

* elizabeth * said...

I'm terrified of those awful damn things! I think those big green ones look vicious. Blech. I had to scroll past the photo quick, I got chills. Sorry about your broccoli. Maybe have someone else pick and clean it next time......? I know I'd have to. I sound like a huge wuss now.

Bonita said...

Your broccoli looks so green and beautiful, but I'm right there with you on the worms. I just can't stomach that stuff which is precisely why I don't grow my own broccoli. I thought I'd stick to "safe" broccoli at the grocery store only to discover worms in it too! Eeeewwwww!

Road Trippers said...

I absolutely LOVE to find a worm in my produce. It makes me feel like I'm on a farm in the city and that my vegetable is actually from the ground instead of some lab. Congrats on such a healthy garden!!

Unknown said...

Ah, yes. The romance of life on the land. I'd probably manage eating that broccoli (it looks amazing -- congrats on the growing) but we didn't manage to wring the neck of our ailing chicken. She was taken to the vet, given antibiotics and anti-inflammatories -- and $60 later is happy and healthy. Mmmmmmm.

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