Friday, August 1

Photo Friday

Woodland Park Zoo Butterfly Tent

p.s. Extermination complete. Bye-bye mean, stinging yellow jackets. Thanks for your sympathetic comments.

Don't forget it's party time! Muffin Tin Party Time, that is! Looking forward to your creative tins on Monday.


Annie Scarlett said...

We took our boys to the Woodland Park Zoo when we visited Seattle last summer and had so much fun. We'd love to move to Seattle one day.

Anonymous said...

I always forget you live by me. I read "woodland park zoo" and I was all, hey that's where I live! We are actually closer to Point defiance zoo and so usually go to that one (no comparison though, Woodland rocks).

Beautiful shot of the butterfly.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo! I'm so glad to hear that the bees are gone.

Have a nice weekend!

Monkey's Mama said...

I'm glad the bees are gone! Sorry about the sting :(

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