Tuesday, September 16


Saturday was the first Quilt Club I've been able to attend in 2 months. I was glad to catch up with my quilting peeps and anxious to work on some projects. Despite the gorgeous view of Lake Union, I was able to accomplish 1 whole project! I'll fill you in on the details tomorrow or the next day. This post is reserved for the nummies I brought. I have told you that Quilt Club is about eating, dishing and quilting ~ mostly in that order. Anyhoo, with a portion of the fresh blackberries my mom gave me I whipped up some Blackberry Turnovers. Think of these as the berry sister to Angry Chicken's Rhubarb Hand Pies. Ha!

Here's what I did (all amounts are approximations):

Blackberry Turnovers

Refrigerated Pie Crust
Blackberries (2 cups)

Sugar (1/3 cup)
Flour (2T)

Fresh Lemon Juice (1T)

Lemon Zest


Mix sugar, flour, lemon and zest with blackberries. Using a cottage cheese sized container, cut circles out of the pie crust. Place some filling on one side of the circle, leaving a 1/4 inch margin around the edge. Dot with butter. Fold over and crimp. Sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes.


Simply Stork said...

those look sooo good!!! I must give them ago right now :o)

(thanks for the recipe)


Jessica said...

Those turnovers look quite yummy...like I need to skip of tomorrow morning and pick some berries and make them!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo of Lake Union! How good you must have felt accomplishing a project---yeah, Mom!
Your turnovers are gorgeous and I'm sure they were delicious!
Thanks for the fabulous dinner you brought over for us tonight...
neighbor Michele

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

My mouth is watering already. Yummy!

Gorgeous view of the lake. That reminds me that I really need to visit family in Seattle soon.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Yum!!! Those look fabulous. I love black berry pie, but am too lazy to do the crust, this looks much easier.

Dee Light said...

Turnovers are among my favorite dessert! Yours look great.

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