Monday, October 27

Goodbye #2

4 friends. A cozy, intimate dinner. A teary goodbye.

Incredibly special gifts. Handmade Seattle inspired magnets. A picture frame for our group photo.

Nearly 20 years of friendship. So many more to come. I'll miss them dearly.

Greetings! The wedding was so wonderful. Everything was beautiful. Wish I remembered my camera cord so I could upload some pictures to show you. It'll have to wait. We're now on the post wedding, relaxing leg of our trip. We're staying in a beach house in Kailua with Em and Jeff. Tomorrow we're going to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the famous North Shore.


Anonymous said...

Sniff...again. What great friends. These magnets?! Priceless.


This Girl loves to Talk said...

I've heard that polynesian cultural centre is cool, not that I have been there.. but word of mouth... a few friends have been but I belong to the church (The church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints) that runs it, so maybe we are biased :)

Road Trippers said...

Boo hoo. We're finally back and you're gone! Please let's connect once before you take off.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

oh and which one are you in the photo?? I dont think I see many photos of you on here.. i dont know what you look like

katy said...

Yeah, I'm camera shy and extremely unphotogenic. Second from the end OR 3rd from the left.

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