Wednesday, November 12

Wednesday Evening

Short post tonight as I'm whooped. The first day of school was a huge success! Eva greeted me after school with a big grin and a chocolate muffin in her hand. They did a baking project today. She loved her trip to the library and reread her book all the way home in the car. We've since read it 6 more times. Tomorrow is gym class. She needs shorts, sneakers that are *only* for gym class and her school T-shirt. Found shoes today at Auchan but no shorts. Hope she doesn't get detention for being out of uniform. Smirk. How in the world does the teacher get 18 4 year olds into their gym clothes and then back into their school clothes? Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it. After today, I now know how I'll be spending my time in Luxembourg - transporting Eva to and from school. It's a full time job.

On Friday I'm off to the laundromat with our Assist contact. Little does she know, I'm going to try and squeeze in the post office too. I know, I'm such a rebel. Laundry and the post office. How jealous are you?

I miss crafting and baking. I think I'm going to start another baby quilt. I brought some fabric and my rotary cutter. I'm 2 baby quilts in the hole. Both babies have been born.

Posting with pictures tomorrow - our visit to the BEST shave ice place on the North Shore, Hawaii.


Lisa said...

I would like to be a fly on the wall watching the changing procedures for gym class! Must be very intense to need to change clothes!! Enjoy the laundromat and post office!

Julie said...

We have Auchan and Tesco here...Cora too. All the same thing though.

My son goes to a Hungarian preschool/kindergarten and he has to have clothes and shoes he wears to school, then he changes when he gets there to his classroom clothes and shoes...then when he goes outside he needs his outdoor clothes and shoes and changes when he gets back in to his indoor clothes and shoes...then if he goes to gym that day he has seperate clothes for that and shoes, and an extra set of clothes for when he spills on something or has an accident...

THAT IS HIS WHOLE WARDROBE!!!! And he needs at least 3 different sets of shoes... amazing.. and there are 23 in his class with a teacher.

It is also in Hungarian, so he doesn't understand hardly anything... such a trooper. I think I get more confused than him!!! Sounds like you are at an expat school so it is in English...I am sure that makes everything easier!

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