Sunday, December 21

Cookie Dispatch

Finished up the Christmas cookies last night. I didn't make any last year so I was especially eager to bake this year. I made 3 kinds - each a staple in my Christmas cookie repertoire.

Sugar cookies.

Thumb prints. These are much darker than usual due to the brown sugar. They are just as delicious, however.

Luxie Cakes (aka Russian Tea Cakes) I just couldn't see following the traditional recipe and using walnuts when I'm living in the land where hazelnuts reign supreme. I used the recipe in Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book but substituted hazelnuts for walnuts. It's a nice change.

Here's what new with us -
1) We bought a car. It's a 2001 silver, BMW station wagon. We purchased it from one of Bryce's colleagues who is returning to the U.S. He bought it 2.5 years ago in Germany. We returned our Renault Laguna rental car yesterday.

2) We were invited over for lunch by the parents of one of Eva's classmates. They are English, also have 2 girls and have been in Luxembourg since August. It was such a nice afternoon. The 4 girls played wonderfully together as did the 4 adults. This was our first social engagement since we arrived in Lux on Nov. 5th.

3) Audrey and I joined a playgroup last Tuesday. A parent from Eva's school invited us. The group was formed through moms who met in the American Women's Club of Luxembourg. There are about 8 moms. The kids range in age from 18 months to 2.5 years old. The women were very nice and welcoming. I'm looking foward to going again after the holidays.

4) Just as the snow hit Seattle, the weather warmed up here. Its been between 6 and 8 degrees this week. We've even seen the sun.

5) Bryce and I both have started French lessons. He goes twice a week and I go once a week. It is very fast paced and we are both a bit overwhelmed. The class is and hour and a half long. After an hour, I'm totally cooked.

6) I'm going to attempt to cook a turkey for our dinner on Christmas Day. It'll be my first turkey. I bought a roasting pan at Ikea. I'll be calling my mom for step by step directions.

7) We went to the Christmas Market in the city center yesterday.

8) We're planning a small get- away after Christmas to Heidelburg.

9) Bryce is *loving* our British satelite tv. He can watch soccer to his heart's content now. This afternoon it was Arsenal vs. Liverpool.


sheppy said...

Me again with my silly comments: can you get turkey easily in Luxembourg? In France, you have to order them from the butcher, and even then - not so sure as they are not really into turkey here.... just thought I'd mention!

Your cookies are beautiful and am glad that you seem to be settling in. Good luck with the French lessons, I had a permanent headache for my first six months here. And, happy winter and happy holidays.


Unknown said...

I love reading about everything- thanks for sharing your list of things!

Cooking a turkey is not that hard... check out and search roast turkeys. Only try a recipe that is 4.5 or 5 stars... you'll be set!

Merry Christmas!

Christy said...

I've never baked a turkey. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

Those cookies look delicious!

Anonymous said...

I'll try a turkey too this year, and I think I'll follow Nigella Lawson's directions, because it's my first time too... And I hope that soon we'll be able to speak French together ;-)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love your blog! I've been to Luxembourg once before and was impressed with how beautiful the countryside is, and how pretty LCity is. I am a little jealous that your family gets to experience it at Christmas! Keep blogging! ~Amanda in Virginia

Road Trippers said...

Okay, hate to brag here, but my sisters and I make the best turkey in the world. Here's the secret handed down from Grams, to mom to us: take it out before it's "done". Turkeys keep cooking as they sit. Risk it. Take it out 10 minutes or so before it's done, let it finish cooking on the counter - it'll be the moistest bird you've ever eaten. Promise.

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