Tuesday, December 9

Doily Ditty

Paper cones, of course! So quick, easy and festive. Just cut your doily in half, bend it into a cone shape and tape the seam closed. You could add ribbon or glitter to jazz 'em up. I made some in 3 sizes. The littlest ones are darling and are begging to house one beautiful truffle each. Here are some other holiday items that would look great in a doily cone ~

1) Gingerbread cookies
2) Candy canes - the classic red and white ones
3) Ornaments
4) A poinsettia stem
5) Foil wrapped chocolates
6) Walnuts
7) Greens - evergreens, mistletoe, holly
8) Russia Tea Cakes
9) Sugared Cranberries
10) pinecones

See you tomorrow for another doily ditty.


Lena said...

You seriously never cease to amaze me. I love looking through your creative lens. I will never see a doily the same again!

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Those are adorable!

Sweetness and Light said...

Stupendous idea, and SO cute! Thanks for sharing them!

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