Sunday, December 14

Not Induction Ready

Next snafu? None of our cooking pots work on our induction stove. NONE of them. I assumed that since our cheap rental pots worked on the stove my nicer mid range ones would as well. Not true. Did a bit on research and I guess induction suitable pots need to be ferrous - that means that they need to be made of iron or iron based. But apparently that is not enough as not all iron or iron based pots are induction ready. According to this site, the best way to check is to hold a magnet to the bottom of the pan (if the packaging does not EXPLICITLY say suitable for induction cooking.) If the magnet has a strong cling it suitable for induction cooking. In induction cooking, the pot becomes the original generator of cooking heat *not* the burner. This happens through some electromagnetic process that I didn't really try to understand. The site said that induction stove tops are very common in Europe. This leads me to my next Moving to Europe Note.

Note#3 - Check the stove top or ask your landlord about your stove top *before* shipping your cooking pots over. I have a feeling (not based on any facts) that induction pots may be less expensive over here since induction cooking is more widely used. I'm going to IKEA tomorrow. Our rental pots were IKEA.

I forgot to mention in my packaging post that all boxes and items to be shipped overseas are sprayed with pesticides. This occurs twice, when leaving a port and when entering the new port. Everything is wrapped, so the spray is not directly on your things, but it is still worth mentioning. In a perfect world, it would be nice to open all the outer wrapping outdoors.

Note - stove top picture is not mine. However, our stove top and counter are nearly identical. Click on photo for credit.


Unknown said...

Well, I didn't even know I had an "induction" cooktop after all these years. Now to do the magnet test on my cookware! Maybe I can use it as an excuse for some "interesting cooking outcomes."

Christy said...

My grandmother got us a new set of pots and pans a few years ago for Christmas. When I was shopping, I always kept in mind that we were going to be moving fairly frequently, so I made sure to get a set that was good for all types of stoves. Though I have never had an induction stove, I wanted to be prepared in case we moved into a house that had one!

And no, I would have never thought of it except for I saw it on some obscure cookware site. Thank goodness I did!

Good luck on your hunt for new pots and pans. I love getting new kitchen stuff!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

i dont know.. now I am confused!!

I have a flat glass top kinda like the one pictured.. but I have never heard of it called induction... when you say the pots dont work.. what do you mean?

I cook with a collection of cheap ikea pots and second hand pots.. I have been in this house for four years...

now I am confused.. ha ha haha h

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