Wednesday, January 14

Little Difference #3

Little Difference #3 - Mail

Here in Lux mail is delivered Monday - Friday. Outgoing mail must be put in a public mailbox to be sent. Mailmen do not pick up outgoing mail from your personal mailbox. Public mailboxes are conveniently located throughout the neighborhoods and city.


Hautemama said...

Same here in Canada.

Heather - said...

Where I live in the states they also don't pick my mail up. It's hard to get used to!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

they dont pick up mail in Australia either!! But up public ones are huge.. that looks like a bitty mail box.. or is it just I cant tell size from the photo.

I think it is better as nearly all my friends from the states hardly ever send me anything (esp parcel that require them to go to a post office) as they are not used to it.. nearly all my friends here who have friends in the states are owed some sort of parcel which conviently never gets sent!!

so it good to get used to!! ha aha I am jsut being mean.. but we have post offices in every suburb

jojoebi-designs said...

WHAT? there are posties in the world that pick up mail? I wanna move there!

we don't get deliveries on Sundays, the big post offices have a counter open all week but if you want to do banking transactions then you have to go mon-fri.

My local post office is tiny and only open mon-fri which is a bit of a come down since I used to live near a main post office.

Japan and Uk the boxes are all red. Are they all yellow there?

Juice said...

No pickup for mail where I live either - perhaps because I'm in a city in the US. But the mailbox is just on the corner.

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