Thursday, February 12

Little Difference #7

Little Difference #7 - Gas Prices

It's one of the first things people love to bring up when you tell them you're moving to Europe - the price of gas! I like to bring up the fact that we're only 2 hours away from Paris . . .Paris!!

Gas is higher here. Let's do some 5th grade math and we'll check out the price in U.S. dollars and gallons.

Let's convert, shall we?

Unleaded Gas is 94 cents a liter (that's 94 cents in euros)
First Conversion: Euros to dollars
Right now 1 Euro = 1.286 U.S. dollars
.94 X 1.286 = 1.21
In dollars unleaded gas is $1.21 a liter

Second Conversion: Liters to Gallons
1 gallon = 3.79 liters

Converted price of 1 gallon of gas
3.79 X $1.21 = $4.56

FINAL ANSWER: A gallon of unleaded gas in Luxembourg costs $4.56.

Next question ~ how much in U.S. dollars does it cost to fill up my tank?

My tank holds 59 liters.
59 liters divided by 3.79 (# of liters in a gallon) = 15.57 gallons
My car holds 15.57 gallons of gas.

15.57 gallons X $4.56 a gallon = $ 71.00

FINAL ANSWER: It costs $71.00 to fill up my car.

I know, I know many of you smarty pants types are thinking, "What about diesel fuel?" Well, I happened to notice the price - you can do the conversion! Standard diesel is 81 cents a liter. Super diesel is 91 cents a liter.

How does this compare to what you're paying?


Anonymous said...

Oh Katy you don't want to hear this but gas has really taken a nose dive since you left..... It's about 2.15 a gallon here in California.

One more charm strip and one more sashing and I'm DONE my top! I do not however, have a quilting foot for my machine.... I mean a darning foot...I've ordered one so for the mean time I've practiced some diagonal and stitch in the ditch quilting on a doll quilt. But still! Almost done the top!

* elizabeth * said...

one word:

sarah b. said...

I pay zero! I moved to Holland & don't drive anything but a bicycle. It's cheap!

But I heard back home (in Texas) that gas is well under $2/gallon now! Totally crazy.

Carrie said...

About 35 bucks to fill up the passat here in Ballard. But that's at the Shell station on Leary and 3rd... Everywhere else seems more expensive!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

Australia is about the same as Europe... it is going up and down all the time.. around $1.20 per litre at the moment.. sometimes more around the $1.10 mark

is it subsidized in the states?? Here petrol has a big tax on it.. maybe not so in the US?

Sewing Princess said...

Luxembourg gas prices are the cheapest in Europe.
In France you pay about 1.13 for diesel and 1.39 for petrol per liter.

In Italy, it's even more expensive, 1.18 for diesel and 1.4 for petrol.

Perhaps it's better to walk...

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