Friday, February 20

The winner is . . .

RED! It really did make the quilt pop. I'm super happy with the results. A few more pictures here.

However, Carolyn's* comment did make me pause and think for a moment. She wrote:

I like the blue one. One big reason is that it reminds you of yourself. The other one is that it's peaceful and I like that it brings the rainbow in that unexpected but welcome direction.

I've been getting better at noticing when something speaks to me - like the cat fabric - and honoring what I truly like versus what I think I should like. So for that very reason alone, I was tempted by the cat fabric. However, the red was just too bright and cheery and those types of things are also very important to notice and honor. How is that for over analyzing a silly piece of fabric. sheesh. I should really get a life.

Here are a few more exciting bits from the SCRAPDOWN flickr group:

Laura is using a Water Wheel pattern for her quilt. Laura, I sent you a package today. Actually it's for your bun (that's in the oven) and Ava.

Bridget is hand quilting hers. And kicking ass, I might add.

Jennifer made some pillow shams to go with her quilt. She has some super quilting tutorials on her blog.

Leanne's random piecing is taking on a very cool retro look.

I hope to make a label for my charm quilt before we go on holiday on Wednesday. I'll share a label making tutorial as well. We'll see if I can pull that off.

I'm thinking the first week of March would be a good time to start a new SCRAPDOWN project. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've still got a TON of scraps. There won't be a swap with this next project - but we can work our projects together in cyberspace space and share on the flickr group. Whaddya say?

*Are you Minnesota Carolyn from Quilt Club?


Carrie said...

Love the red! Love even more, that you're taking advantage of the close proximity to so many cool places! Have a great holiday Katy.

StoreyJohnsons in Sud Italia said...

Wow - you're fast! I didn't even get to cast my vote last night. I was going to say 'red' so I guess I can sleep guilt free. Beautiful work. You might just inspire me to try my hand at quilting. Brava!

DYoung said...

Love the scrap swap idea. I have been watching the progress and really should participate in the next swap. keep me informed.

ELB said...

Katy, if it wasn't Faerie Carolyn who made that comment, it was her soul sister, because I can totally hear her saying that. I was going for the red; I think the cat fabric is way too awesome to be relegated to border status.
Hmm, still haven't started on my project, but perhaps I'll have something to share after the retreat.
Have a great holiday!

' said...

Looking forward to more projects with my scraps. I have TONS left. Really, the swap has been fun, but it has done nothing to help with the overflowing scrap boxes/bags/tubs. Love the red even though I was partial to the blue.

Dee Light said...

I love the red!! Eveyones quilts are looking so lovely. I have got to get settled into working on mine this week. Thanks for sharing.

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