Sunday, March 15

Desert Island Foods

Okay, clearly we're not on a desert island. And we're definitely not in need of food. But, just last week I got to answer the question, "If you could have a few things from an American grocery store, what would you get?" Keep reading, I'll fill in the blanks ~ A fellow expat made a run to a U.S. military base in Germany to do some grocery shopping. She volunteered to pick up a few things for us. It was so very nice of her! I couldn't think of anything I was really craving or missing, Bryce couldn't either, but Eva could. Arthur noodles, goldfish crackers, Life Cereal, Wheat Thins, cheesy Elmo crackers. I went with the 2 things I was confident the base would have - Life Cereal and Wheat Thins. Then on a whim I added whole wheat pancake mix. So random. We can buy pancake mix here, not whole wheat and I can certainly make my own. . .but I think I was really craving it. It's fun to have these "treats" once in a while. Eva thinks so too.

What would you have picked?


This Girl loves to Talk said...

cool whip (not available in Australia)

cinnamon rolls ( I could make my own.. but too lazy)

orange chicken (no such thing here.. closest we have is Sweet and sour )

Milk duds and junior mints (there are two chocolate stores that important american candy but I am just too lazy to travel there :)

StoreyJohnsons in Sud Italia said...

Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips and natural, crunchy peanut butter! We have been known to ask for string cheese and yes, gold fish crackers. After three years I have to say that we miss things like this less and less.

Heather - said...

Since I'm not sure what I wouldn't be able to get, I'll say tortilla chips! My mother-in-law lives in Austria and always wants the Nestle tollhouse chocolate chips, too!

The Nomadic Ewings said...

Tollhouse chocolate chips definately but also peanut butter and cinnamon pop-tarts....mummmm.

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