Monday, March 9

Little Difference #10

Little Difference #10 - Day Light Savings Time

Did you know that the EU does not spring forward until the last Sunday in March? I didn't. The U.S. sprang last Sunday. We Europeans (smirk) will spring on March 29th. The EU's day light savings schedule runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. The EU standardized this in 1996. Now I know.

Picture from my Seattle garden 2 years ago.

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This Girl loves to Talk said...

where i live we dont do daylight savings!! in winter sun goes down around 5:30pm in Summer 7:30 pm ish

when I went to the states.. i was shocked that the sun was still up after 9pm.. it freaked me out!! we were climbing mountains in Utah in July making snowballs with grey leftover snow at almost 9pm.. too surreal!!

Being near the equator means days are pretty equal length all year

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