Friday, March 27

The Madness Continues

Made these two little cuties for my nieces. Filled 'em up with a few Easter treats and mailed them off today. The bags are made with linen and lined with a natural colored cotton. For the yellow drawstrings I used some vintage bias tape that my mom gave me a couple years ago. I've got tons of it and in lots of colors too. Thanks mom! The duckling fabric is one that I used on onesies back when I was an onesie embellisher (does that count as a resume item?) Actually the bags look quite similar to the onesie. Carrie noticed too. Look at my chubby little baby in that onesie. Where oh where did she go? Huge sigh.

Bag fever also hit my friend Stacy. She made patchwork backpacks, grommets and all (insert round of applause), like the one Audrey made. It's catchy. I dare ya to make one. One will lead to two. . . I'd be lying if I told you I was done making these bags. I have 4 more sitting on my machine nearly finished. Here's the thing, I looked through my unfinished blocks box (say that 10 times fast) and found some great blocks that I never turned into quilts. Now I'm turning them into bags. I'll show you this weekend.

I am loving all the leek love! Check out the comments of the leek post for some great recipes and ideas. Audrey's galette and Catherine's leek and ham bake are on the top of my list. Oh, Catherine mentioned that she also makes that recipe with Belgian Endive instead of leeks. Sounds like I also need to meet Jennifer's boyfriend. I changed the title of my leek post too. Leeking just didn't conjure up an image of delicious food.

Thanks for the ear tips and sympathy. Andi, I really hope your ear clears soon. I actually went to the Dr. today (I knew I couldn't wait.) He prescribed some sort of nasal spray and a decongestant and told me to plug my nose and breathe up (into my ears) 3 times a day. He said the real trouble is that my Eustachian tube is blocked and that is what is keeping my ear plugged. So, we shall see . . .

Happy Friday to you!

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