Wednesday, April 22


Now that my mom has opened her gifts I can show you what I made her. Another reversible patchwork bag, of course. This was made out of 2 quilt blocks that never made it into a quilt. The blocks were fused onto batting so this bag is quilted! I put some dark chocolate inside from The Chocolate Company here in Luxembourg. Cinched it up and sent it on it's way!

We also sent her Bananagrams. Have you played this game yet? It is so fun. My in-laws gave it to us for Christmas. It is a perfect game for the crossword, Scrabble and Boggle lover.

After taking this picture, uploading it, correcting it and looking back at it, I finally noticed that I made the word revoting instead of revolting. I cheated and I didn't even know it. Ha!


Insider Adventures said...

Katy, can I come visit, too.

Emily Malate said...

beautiful bag dutch! you sure are getting crafty with the needle!!

Unknown said...

We LOVE bananagrams too - so quick and easy.
Cute bag!

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