Thursday, April 2

The Rookery

Very happy to have gotten a few pictures of the rook nests that I've seen in the tree tops around Luxembourg City. I've seen 2 areas where the tree tops are literally filled with these large nests. These pictures were taken about 1 mile away from our house, right off a main arterial. In addition to all the nests it is also fun to see the rooks flying around with sticks hanging out of their beaks.

Rooks are similar to crows but bigger and they have yellowish colored beaks. They also seems to be quieter - none of that loud cawing so characteristic of crows. Rooks feed on insects that they pull out of meadows, fields and grass.

So fun! Have an Easter craft for you tomorrow!

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Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Wow! look at all of those nests. Are you happy with your European bird book? Starting to research books for our nature collection specific to Europe/mediterranean.

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