Friday, May 1

Butterflies and Booze

Today is a holiday in Luxembourg. I think it is similar to Labor Day in the U.S. but I'm not really sure. I meant to figure it out but I never got around to it. What I did figure out, though, was that Eva had the day off from school and Bryce had the day off from work. So we did something fun.

We went to a butterfly garden in the town of Grevenmacher here in Luxembourg. The foliage in the garden was beautiful, so green and lush. We were lucky to come at a time when the butterflies were very active.

Now for some strange reason you can buy tastings at the Bernard Massard winery with your butterfly garden entrance fee. Naturally we couldn't pass this up. The girls had white grape juice and potato chips for lunch and we had 2 varieties of cuvee. It was a most lovely afternoon. We tasted outside with a view of the Moselle River and visited with a couple from Ireland.

Around 2:00 we went in search of a proper lunch in Grevenmacher. The girls were very happy that lunch ended with dessert. More pictures here.

Happy May Day!


Megin, Ind. AVON Representative said...

I've awarded you a BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY AWARD for all that you do to give back and support! come check it out!

Anonymous said...

Lol butterflies and booze..can life get any better?

Love the shots and it sounds like a perrrfect family day.

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