Monday, June 15

Stop Everything and Click

I've just spent 30 of the most hilarious minutes of my life looking through this blog. My fingers are black from wiping away all the mascara laden tears from my cheeks. I only wish I had access to my photo albums, I'm positive I have a few gems I could submit. If you do nothing else this evening, LOOK through this site! Oh, don't even think about ignoring the picture captions - they make the photos.

Yes, we're back but I just used up my computer time howling at that site so my final Switzerland post will have to wait until tomorrow.


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

My cousin sent me to this blog a few weeks ago and you are right...seriously funny (and scary, too!).

christie said...

Perhaps I should submit our christmas card photo
with the black panther,,, mom

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