Monday, September 14

Her first time

My oldest and dearest friend, Julie, is coming to visit next week! I couldn't be more excited. We've been friends since 3rd grade. That amounts to over 25 years of friendship. Whew! That's a lot of years. We've seen each other through many loves, losses, and awkward phases (I think I may have hit another one) Anyhoo, I couldn't be more thrilled that she is leaving her little Seattle neighborhood to come and visit.

This is Julie's *first* trip to Europe! Isn't that exciting?!? Can't wait to watch her take it all in. Julie left all the planning of her European vacation to me. A task I was thrilled to take on. But before I share with you where we will be traveling, I'm curious to know where you would go if this was *your* first trip to Europe.

So please leave me a comment. If you've never been to Europe tell me where you'd like to go. If you have been or are a resident of Europe tell me where you'd take your first-time guest. I'm so curious!

Oh, about the pictures. That is Julie and I at 13 years old (maybe 14 or 15?) trying to look oh, so grown-up. I'm on the right with the shorter hair, Julie's on the left.

Only a few guesses about my HEMA shopping binge. Both Poppyart and Leslie guessed 30,00 euros. As if. Try 63, 40. Gulp.


Jessica said...

I don't even know where I would start...I have dreamed for so long of going to Europe. Perhaps I would go to someplace in Switzerland first--I wrote a report on the country a long, long time ago.

Jessica said...

When I was 21, one of my girlfriends and I backpacked through Europe, we landed in Brussles which is a lovely city. I would recommend a canal tour in Amsterdam and of course anything/everything in Paris is a must-see. Take her to that little macaroon (spelling?) shop you wrote about several months ago, I am sure she would love it. Have fun with your BFF.

themaggers said...

Couldn't Remember if you had been to Schloss Neuschwanstein yet. It's around Hohenschwangau, Germany. The drive to the castle was beautiful and there are many cities along they way that would be worth a stop.

I'd also recommend Cologne. Another beautiful city in Germany!

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Oh what fun! I'm so happy for you! What a treat to show your dearest friend your Europe...For sure and hands down, especially considering how close you are to it, I would take her to Paris! Honestly, nothing beats Paris and seeing it from your very own eyes for the first time... Nothing beats that moment! I've had many guests and have lived in various parts of Europe, and without fail Paris just does it, in its own special way, for everyone! It has something for everyone..First, it's Paris, then it's got the history, the museums, the sites, the walks...list can go on and on all day...It's so nice just to walk around that city and take it all in! We found really cheap accommodations on I spent enormous amounts of hours finding it, but it ended up being a 15 minute walk from the Louvre..We walked everywhere from there!

Then, I would show her the best part of Europe from your own eyes... Since being in Sweden, we've had guests every month, without fail, and they love it when I show them "My Sweden" and all the little things I've come to love about here...I show them my favourite sites, shops, foods...Every thing that defines Sweden to me... Mostly though, and understanding that you're such close friends, she'll want to just hang out with you in the coolest places you know ;o) Have a great time together and go to Paris for sure!!!

jojoebi-designs said...

a toughie, from my various jaunts to Europe (not inc. the UK) thumbs up would be
Lillehammer - Norway

Thumbs down
France (been twice, got robbed twice)

life with my sweeties said...

I have never been...would LOVE to go to France, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland.

Emily Malate said...

watch out Europe, here comes Jules! They won't know what hit them. You two are going to have such fun time.
BTW, you are not allowed to tease me anymore about Target, Ms. Hema queen!!

Emily Malate said...

I think Julie would like Amsterdam, Italy (if you can venture that far) and Paris. We've already talked about the necessity of some sort of Octberfest event for her too!

Lisa said...

Hey, a game I can participate in. Some day I dream of going to Europe. The options are so vast it is hard to choose but I think Switzerland or Holland would be top choices. Maybe some day....

Momma Chae said...

anywhere in Europe would delightful to those of us who've never been there. :)

swissluxi said...

Good question - there are so many beautiful places here in Europe. I think at the top of my list of places where I would take a first-time Europe guest would be:

- the Jungfraujoch area in Switzerland
- Zermatt, Switzerland
- Paris
- Rome

And if you have much more time, these places are surely worth a visit too:

- the italian speaking part of Switzerland....I guess I can't hide what my nationality is :-))
- Lucerne, Switzerland
- Tuscany and Sardegna
- Vienna
- Prague
- Barcelona

And of course little tiny Luxembourg :-)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Bruges, Belgium...the chocolate, the beer, the meandering little streets.

But I have a feeling what ever you end up doing, you will both have a good time! How amazing to have known each other since third grade.

se7en said...

oh good grief... Florence is wonderful, but we had a weekend in Venice that is awesome and since we are pushing the fantasy window what about a Greek Island!!! For the street food, the beach, the sun, the ruins... I could go on but I have dishes to wash...

Road Trippers said...

Oh, it's so wonderful to show people around Europe. I got to show my mom and 2 of my sisters on their first trips to England.

Paris has to be #1.

But Italy steals your heart and I've never been to the Cinque Terre. It beckons me. With kids, I'd say Portugal. Oh how they love babies!

christie said...

I would join in with votes on Paris and Amsterdam,
but My love is of course Italy and what could be
better than a Hill top town, or the walk of love,
or Siena....Firenze and rome for the history
are musts too. This could be pricey. ...but, hey
what's a Euro or two. love, mom

Juleskis said...

I am so stoked! It is hard to concentrate on all o fthe work I must get done prior to my FABULOUS European vacation. It is such a blessing to be able to go and share this adventure with my dear friend, Katy! I can't wait...and we are going to have fun each and every place we go!

poppyart said...

when we went home to Australia in May, I chatted to my buddy Karlee... and I love Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin(hubby's fave city) and Rome... but then decided, if it was just one city for the weekend - Paris it is! And from here , Eurostar is a doddle. We are def going to Louvre, boat trip down Seine, Eiffel tower, coffee/ hot choc in Parisian Cafe.

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

I've lived in London, Paris, and Florence, so they all have a very special place in my heart. If you're looking for slightly less obvious places, I fell in love with Edinburgh when I visited, and I also lived in Besançon, a sweet little town in the Franche-Comté region of France.

katy said...

themaggers: We tried to visit Neuschwanstein once, but had to cancel last minute. It is definitely on our list! I know the girls would love it. We've been to Cologne and couldn't agree more that it is a beautiful city!

Marcelle - I would love to see Sweden. Bryce and I took a ferry from Copenhagen to Sweden after college but didn't really "see" Sweden. We just crossed the Baltic, ate dinner and returned to Denmark. There is a picture of us, that is still very clear in my mind, standing on the ferry with the sunset in the background.

JoJo - I *must* know about what happened in Paris - when, how, where exactly. How scary! I'm also curious about Rome - too big? too fast? too totally crazy?

SwissLuxi - Yes, your national pride is showing but who can ever blame you? You come from the most beautiful country in Europe!! p.s. I also agree with you about Lux. It is a gorgeous country that doesn't get all the props it deserves!

DimSum - Note to Self: I must go back to Bruges and see more than the bottom of a beer glass.

Se7en - Funny you bring up Greece. A friend just spent a week there on a little island, on the beach. Now I'm a little obsessed.

Road Trippers - I'm dying to see Cinque Terre too - the walk of love!

Poppyart - Tell me how to book a boat trip down the Seine. I'd love to do that. Are we still on for Sunday?

Helen said...

I second Neuschwanstein and if you're there, you should visit Munich.

Thank you for the tutorial!

Lena said...

Whew! It was fun to read all those responses! It is too much for your visit with Julie, but of course Norway is near and dear to my heart- it is incredibly beautiful and full of wonderful people. I think it gets forgotten because we tend to think more central Europe. Can we go to Neuschwanstein when we are there? I have such a clear memory from it when I was a kiddo because it is so impressive, but I don't think I truly appreciated it like I would now. Oktoberfest is a must...Bavaria in general. I also second Edinburgh- what a cool city and countryside... Sterling was magnificent also. I would love to hit the southern coast of France, Paris, more of the Alps, and Cinque Terre was much more than wonderful.

poppyart said...

absolutely! i was going to rock up for the boat trip but will enquire. xxx bridget mobile
+447779807961 (just in case) I am still not closer to a definite meeting place/ time!)

Adrienne said...

How about Slovenia?? I lived there for a summer and it is an amazing little country. It is WAY less touristy and old country. My favorite Bohinj: Lljubljana, Lake Bled and Bohinj. Check it out!

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