Wednesday, September 16

I want it. I do.

Now that I've confessed my consuming tendencies I thought I may as well tell you about something else I want to consume. This coffee maker from Nespresso. A friend here has one so I've been able to taste the coffee it makes. It is *perfection,* so much better than the drip coffee we make from our measly Braun Rapid Brew. This Nespresso machine makes 1 cup at a time. It is fast and easy and tastes incredible. I really like the idea of only making a cup at a time because Bryce rarely drinks coffee at home so I end up with a lot of waste, even if I only make 1/2 a pot each morning. I also like the idea of having 1 great cup of coffee versus chugging down 2 okay cups.

To make coffee, the Nespresso machine requires these little cute capsules of coffee. The capsules come in lots of varieties - mild, medium, bold, espresso, decaf. After water is added to the machine a capsule is inserted and viola! I think it is even possible to froth milk. Need to check into that. Here's the dilema:

Coffee quality is much better than drip
Able to make one at a time
It's fun, new and different

Can't be used back in the U.S.
Have to buy coffee capsules

Hmm. Maybe I'll just ask Santa.

Look at who is the Nespresso Poster Child. Each time Bryce and I see this ad we think of Bill Murry from Lost in Translation - Make it Santori Time

What are you doing for coffee these days?


Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

I am compelled to write again! It cracks me up as we seem not too far apart on all the important coffee!

Well, we too did the whole drip thing and I was wasting tons of coffee as my husband does not like drip coffee and I would never really be sure if I would have one cup or two (or three, depending on how many times I would have to get up during the night)...Long story short, we were lucky enough to get a bonus in the spring and splurged on a Jura Ena 5. Same principal as the Nespresso (shoot, I'd buy the Nespresso just to see more George Clooney), it makes one cup at a time, but can make two coffees at the same time too...It can use full coffee beans (that it automatically grinds when needed) or you can drop some ground coffee (as I try to use up what I have left from the drip coffee maker), it has the milk frother and all the bells and whistle...

Honestly, I absolutely LOVE it! I never thought I would because I could not get over the price, but ever since "Magnissimo"(as we've affectionately dubbed it) moved in, we've both been enjoying coffees and even the coffee shop coffee has lost its appeal knowing that I can duplicate the effect at home! I never thought I would enjoy it this much, but I truly do (am I repeating myself?)

Also, we, being Canadian, were faced with the voltage situation, but we bought three power transformers before leaving and they are dual transformers, so they can convert up to 250V or down to 110V. They can also be left on continuously (they are what powers most of our electronics (computers, printers...).

My parents also put in a 240V outlet in their kitchen back in Canada in order to bring back their coffee machine (just throwing some ideas out there for you!)...If I buy a house back home, I will also install one 240V outlet in my kitchen so that our coffee machine can sit happily on the counter!

I love my machine and understand the full depth of your dilemma! to go and make a nice cup of coffee while the kids nap....;o)

Joy said...

I have a Tassimo, and I love it.

swissluxi said...

I got a Nespresso coffeemaker from my parents last Christmas and I have been in love with it since then :-)). The coffee is just heavenly :-). By the way, why don't you come over to our house one day, we let the kids play, I have to give you back the quilting book you lent me and if you wish I could pay you in Nespresso-coffees :-)). Serious, come over and let's indulge in some delicious cofee!

Unknown said...

Luckily everybody in our house drinks coffee... even the kids get into the whole coffee granita kick so when I (rarely) have left over coffee I mix in some sugar and milk and pop it in the freezer. When I remember to make it correctly (stirring it as it freezes so that it's in individiual crystals) it's to-die-for, when I don't it's still a mighty fine coffee "shaved-icy"

christie said...

Why not just get a French Press? I use one
every morning, and enjoy one or two freshly
ground cups of coffee. Cheaper..costs about
$30, and you can use beans (buy a grinder) or
already ground. Will work in the US. mom

Heather - said...

Katy, I agree with Christie... a french press is cheap and makes AWESOME coffee!!

Emily Malate said...

its gotta be good if its endorsed by George. Sold me.
We have something similar here in America, but not quite as fancy I think.

Shari said...


I've had a Nespresso machine for three years now in the US. It's fabulous. I now need to buy one for my office as well because who wants to drink office coffee when they drink Nespresso at home.

While on holiday last month in The Netherlands, we purchased one for my father-in-law---the exact model you have pictured. He loves it. We also bought him the Aeroccino so he can quickly make a cup of steamed or foamed milk.

Do it. You won't be disappointed. You can sell it when you leave so you can purchase US version or you can just have a special plug installed in your house when you return to the US.

Time to go and gift myself with a Latte before the kids are home from school.

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

My parents just bought a Keurig coffee maker and it makes GOOD coffee! You can buy the individual "cups" and have just about everything available...dark, medium, light, flavored, chai, teas, etc. It's very good and pretty reasonably priced.

katy said...

Marcelle - another totally helpful, wonderful comment from you! Thanks. Great idea about the outlet in the kitchen. Actually our whole kitchen in Seattle needs to be redone. What do you think about a remodel staged around the need for a 240v outlet?

Kara - just looked up Tassimo. Seems like it's the same idea as the Nespresso, just another brand?

SwissLuxie - I didn't know you had a Nespresso machine??? Of course I want to come over! I'm emailing right now to set up a day!

Tapsalteerie - great idea for left over coffee. One hitch for me . . . my freezer is the size of an envelope box. LITERALLY. To get a frozen pizza in there I have to turn it into a taco. Perhaps that'll have to wait until we move back to the land of big freezers. I do love granitas!

Mom - I know you love your French press and yes it makes good coffee. But it doesn't add any flash, flare or excitement into the kitchen. I definitley have your practical bend when it comes to almost everything - EXCEPT coffee. Didn't you used to drink Folgers?

Heather - I think you and my mom are in cahoots.

Emily - Didn't know you were a George fan. Does Jeff know?

Shari - A woman after my own heart. I really wanted someone to tell me to buy it :) Do you need the Aeroccino to get the frothed milk? The Nespresso machine doesn't already come with that capability. Glad to know they are sold in the U.S. too. Didn't know that.

MJ - A Keurig, huh? I wonder what is "better" Nespresso or Keurig. Thanks for the comment!

HappyMom said...

We have a Tassimo and love it! Most of the time we order our coffee and tea from the company direct. They have it where you can order in up to 24 week intervals. And if your order over 30.00 worth, it's free shipping. I'm not sure if that is US only. They also have websites for Germany and the UK as well.

christie said...

Well, Katy...What did you say about Santa and
how much money are we talking about? I haven't bought your Xmas gift yet....And, I do know how
you love your coffee. And I am coming to visit.

Unknown said...

Nespresso machines have actually been sold by Williams-Sonoma for a few years now. However, they have only recently become popular (in my opinion, to the major Keurig wave we are experiencing). I got to sample one recently, and they are amazing! However, I have been told that Nespresso only makes espresso (you can do a light which tastes like a regular coffee). If you want actual coffee they recommend Keurig. Both definitely work in the US - I have seem them everywhere :-)

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