Wednesday, October 14

Sumi & Miga

My aunt and uncle arrived yesterday from Vancouver BC. They brought the girls these cute little stuffies named Sumi and Miga. Sumi and Miga are mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics that will be held in Vancouver.

Sumi is a spirit animal. In NW Coast Indian legend a spirit animal represents the theme of transformation. Miga is a sea bear, an orca whale that transforms into a bear while on land. This character comes from NW Coast Indian legends as well.

My aunt and uncle are only visiting for a few days as they're on their way to the Danube River where they will cruise from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. Today I showed them around the City Center here in Lux. We were lucky enough to see The Grand Duke of Luxembourg and all his pomp up close. My aunt thought it was the coolest thing ever.

p.s. Yes, I realize I'm off topic. Back to Paris tomorrow.


Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

YEah!!! I love it! My friend gave our kids the whole kit, we have all four mascots for the games!! I love watching the Winter Olympics, the only drawbacks will be A) watching them with Swedish commentary and, B) them being 9 hours behind us in time zones!

Love seeing your posts and love following your trips!

I'm actually going to be giving my first embroidery class...I'll be teaching a Swedish group of ladies how to embroider with ribbon this coming Sunday! I'm very excited! Hope you're having a fantastic week!

Jackie said...

Hello from Vancouver. I love Sumi and Miga [they are actually colleagues of mine, I see them around the office regularly and I will tell them your story].

Check out this adorable video about how Miga got stuck when she was trying to transform from orca to spirit bear and then how she meets Quatchi, the other Olympic mascot. Eventually they make it up to Whistler mountain where they meet Sumi, who is the Paralympic Mascot.

Anyhoo, hope you and the wee ones enjoy. It's a favourite with my bub.

Emily Malate said...

Tell Uncle Roy and Aunt Maureen "ALOHA" for me! Have fun and treat them to a La Russe!

katy said...

Marcelle - will you be able to understand the commentary? it is always interesting to watch the Olympics in another country. How did you class go? And how was your trip to Paris? I remember you were going a short while after our anniversary trip. I'd love to hear about it!

Jackie - thanks for the clip. it was adorable!

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