Thursday, November 5

A forest from another planet

Have I mentioned that the foliage in Bavaria was beautiful? I realize I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but man, it was incredible. We hit the pinnacle of autumn foliage greatness just after Fern Pass in Austria. There we entered a forest of yellow trees. *Every* tree had yellow leaves or needles. Bryce and I had never seen anything like it ever before. Finally we could take it no more and Bryce found a place to pull over so I could take some pictures.

We think the trees with needles were larch trees but were unsure about the others.


Lena said...

Incredible! What wonderful pictures to capture it. It sounds like a dreamy trip... wish we were there!

Marlo said...

Wow, Bavaris looks awesome. You might like this blo: Her photos are amazing.

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