Thursday, November 19

{Italy} Pisa

Pisa was beautiful. It was small, charming and felt, well, very Italian. Which is a ridiculous thing to say, I realize that, but it did. Perhaps Pisa felt so Italian because it didn't feel as touristy as Florence. Which is a also a ridiculous thing to say as it houses one of the 7 wonders of the (medieval) world. But it did. Pisa felt more "Italian" and less touristy than Florence. Doesn't make sense, I know. But how many feelings actually do?

Pisa should definitely be on your list of places to see in Italy. Not just for the Leaning Tower, but for the town as well. This is what we arrived to in Pisa. Don't worry we didn't get soaked. We decided to wait out the rain over cocktails. The next day was beautiful. This is Santa Maria della Spina. It is right on the Arno River.
After reading your comments, I feel a bit of regret for not taking a "pushing" picture. hmph.

I've been busy this week! And to think I believed I would have all the time in the world once my youngest was in school 3 times a week. Ha!

This week I've been having a cyber baby shower for my sister! It has been fun. I set up a private blog for the shower where there were introductions, games, refreshments, gifts and even prizes! My cousin is so great to send little gifties to the game winners. Right now we're in the middle of gifts. Shower guests have sent me pictures of their gifts and I'm posting them on the blog. It's been a great way for those of us who don't live near Emily to celebrate her leap into motherhood. BTW, her leap could happen *any* day now. I'm can hardly wait!

I've also been making this pumpkin bread. My youngest and I could pretty much eat the entire loaf ourselves. It is delicious.

And I'm going into both girls classrooms to talk about Thanksgiving and do a little project. I've been trying to get that all sorted out. Pilgrim hats and bonnets for the 3 year olds and the 5-6 year olds will be making a Tree of Thankfullness. They are also making apple turnovers, which I assumed would be more well recieved by that age group than pumpkin pie.

I finished 2 quilts - the handprint quilt and Orion's baby quilt! Pictures soon -

And -I've had a head cold. My face doesn't hurt anymore, but I'm still a bit stuffy.

Um. So that's where I've been this week.


Brandy said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.

I found your blog back when you were in the states and doing Muffin tin Mondays.

Your updates on all things and places Europe have been so fascinating to read and I am totally convinced that I either want to live in Europe someday or have one mega sightseeing trip there.

Thank you for sharing your adventure. I really enjoy living vicariously through you and your blog!

se7en said...

Oh there is so nothing better than an Italian market!!! Gorgeous photos as ever!!! Get better soon and enjoy your weekend!!!

Tara said...

Amazing. You are truly incredible!! The shower has been fab and you're still having time to teach in the girls' classes, and make PUMPKIN BREAD! Thanks for the recipe. We've been experimenting here - as we, too, could eat it a loaf at a time!
Love you!

suddenly sahm said...

So glad to have you back...Can't wait to see the photos of quilts...OMG those mushrooms in Pisa want me to make them into risotto in my new le creuset...I've had a cold too - for almost two weeks! Miss you and looking forward to hearing about your thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

the veggie stand in pisa has me seriously upset. I went to 3 grocery stores in gallup, NM looking for brussel sprouts and found one box of pathetic looking things they were trying to call brussels. I just know that there were brussels somewhere in that lovely market scene. xo S

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