Tuesday, January 12

Little Difference #18

Little Difference #18 - Christmas Decorations

No gaudy Griswald houses here in Luxembourg.

No, here Christmas decorations are subtle if there is any decoration at all. While you may see a few trees with a string of lights thrown over them, the most popular decoration by far is this hanging Santa. Yep, this nylon stuffed Santa is seen climbing into windows all over Luxembourg. image courtesy of Design-Ties
image courtesy of Design-Ties
So tell me, what do Christmas decorations look like in your neck of the woods?


likeschocolate said...

Actually, they are a little disappointing here in the south. Some lights, but nothing like Seattle's candy cane lane.

Road Trippers said...

Hey, I meant to stick upside down ornaments in my flower boxes this year and totally forgot! Remember that picture you took? I have a Christmas doormat, wreath on the door, icicle lights around the porch and red and white striped lights around our picket fence. LOVE people who do anything at all to make the place look bright!

3InGiro said...

Hi --
That same Santa can be found hanging around here.

Jessica said...

There are no hanging Santas here, but so many people still turn on their Christmas lights!

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