Saturday, February 20


de très bonnes vacances.


Lisa said...

Looks like fun. Would love to hear how the girls liked the skiing. We are hoping to get ours on the hill soon.

Smita Srivastava said...

First time here . Just loved all the creativ stuff u have done here , i seem to be totally addicted to all the lovely creations , I kept on browsing through all the pages until I came on the last .
Kudos to all the great work.
Do sneak a peek at my food art blog wenevr time permits .

@Little Food Junction

lovelyinlux said...

I love this picture!! It's adorable!!

ksjjpalmer said...

That must be Audrey on skis? How did she like it? We are a bit chicken to try Julia. We are even debating about next year when she is 4 11/12ths. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Dana said...

wish i were in france at this very moment:)
looking forward to reading about how these french lessons went :)

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