Sunday, April 25

This is the post

where I tell you how I got lost in Prague. I was going to start by telling you I have no sense of direction, our GPS system stops at the German border, Bryce wasn't with us. But then you would have easily figured out what happened. So, yeah, I got lost. I got us lost. My mom, girls and me. Bryce combined Prague with a business trip, so he met us later. It was just us girls. In the Czech Republic. Without a GPS. And without a cell phone. Typical Katy, really; about the cell phone, anyway.

If you know me, you know I haven't entered the cell phone age. Usually can't find my cell phone. If I can, then it's not charged. If I do find it and it is charged, than I find it just as the caller hangs up. Don't know how to send a text message. Are you annoyed yet? But knowing I was embarking on this long road trip without Bryce, without a GPS, I was responsible. I charged my phone, bought a new card full of minutes, brought a map, printed out directions. Didn't matter. I knew I'd get lost trying to find the apartment. And I did. I'm usually always right about such things.

The hitch really and truly was the cell phone. I had the apartment owner's cell number so I could call if (when) I got lost. What I didn't take into consideration was that calling from a country other than Luxembourg costs more minutes. So the calls I made to Bryce from The Hague and Rothenburg ob der tauber pretty much ate up my minutes. But, of course, I didn't know that. So, when we got lost and I called the apartment owner my cell phone died. My mom and trusty human navigator did her best, reading the apartment directions and trying to locate the street signs that all seemed to end in solva.

There we were in downtown Prague, not knowing a bit of Czech, without a GPS or a cell phone. What would you have done? Yep, I did it too. Stopped every person I saw until someone could tell me where to go. Fortunately it was the second person I asked, a police officer. Whew. He got us back on track. Once we crossed the river we could follow the directions to the apartment.

Um, that proved to be difficult too. Insert another stop to ask strangers for help, this time pleading to use their phone and finally, finally we found the apartment. The kids handled it wonderfully, my mom was great. I even think I handled it pretty well.

The apartment building didn't look very promising. Nor did the neighborhood. So I was floored when we opened the apartment door to what looked like a cross between a museum and my grandma's house (not actually my grandma, more the proverbial "grandma's house.") Shocking still it didn't resemble ANY of the online pictures I'd viewed. But, whaddya going to do? We hastily unpacked the car, we explored our new digs and then I headed out on foot to the grocery store for some dinner (and BOOZE!)

Coming up soon: Touristy stuff where no one gets lost.

A few more apartment pictures here.

Prague Apartment - Entry way
Prague Apartment - living room
Prague Apartment - detail
Prague Apartment - living room


jojoebi-designs said...

LOL, we had trouble in Prague too, we booked the hotel through some agent (pre internet), we arrived and ended up in some place which was similar to your but not as grand and smelt like boiled cabbage. The agent, who we had paid was supposed to have paid the guest house but she never turned up, after several frantic phone calls and grumpy guest hose owner threatening to kick us out, it eventually got sorted out. Turned out the agent had had car trouble or something and because she felt bad she took us out for the day to some big fancy castle with about 10,000 stuffed animals inside - my veggie friend was ohhh so impressed LOL.

christie said...

It was an adventure I won't forget...Also, we ended
up at one point in a grocery store parking garage..
the highway just went there, much to our amazememt.
But, Prague was amazing. mom

likeschocolate said...

Gorgeous apartment! Sorry you got lost. I would have too. I also never have my phone or it is not charged or if it is charged it runs out when I need it. So you are not the only one. Plus I have no clue how to text.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Katy, we are living weird parallel lives...we had a similar driving experience when I was traveling with my mom and the kids in Naples, which included some police assistance when we were lost in Sorrento but also involved getting stuck, literally stuck in a street that was too narrow! Glad you finally got there. Can't wait to see/hear more. We are hoping to make it to Prague in the fall.

The Nomadic Ewings said...

Been there, done that. The good thing is that you met some nice helpful people and you have some crazy memories to look back on.

Road Trippers said...

What a bizarre and cool place! I'm with you...way far away from my cell phone. I think I might have left in Denver last month. Not sure.

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