Friday, May 21

Asparagus Scramble

Asparagus Scramble

Here's your weekend breakfast!

All amounts are approximations. Cater to your own liking.

Asparagus Scramble

Leftover roasted asparagus
1 medium onion
Chopped red pepper
Shredded Gruyere or Parmesan cheese
S & P

1) Cut onion into thin rings and slice into semi circles. Caramelize the onion. Set aside

2) Lightly saute red pepper, just to soften (if you can be bothered.)

3) Scramble egg and mix in veggies. Sprinkle with cheese and then cover to melt.

Asparagus Scramble.

A friend told me that Boursin makes a cooking sauce, called Boursin Cuisine. It has the consistency of sour cream and can be used in place of the cheese. I have not tried it myself. But, there you go, another option.

I forgot to mention a great variety on the simple roasted asparagus. Combine a teaspoon of sesame oil with a teaspoon of soy sauce. Drizzle over asparagus, sprinkle with sesame seeds and roast. YUM.

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Amy@Let's Explore said...

Hi Katy! I am loving all these asparagus recipes - yummy, yummy! I have them all bookmarked to try in the next few weeks. Have a lovely weekend! :)

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