Tuesday, June 15

A few more ideas

I don't know what I'm thinking saying that Kids' Week is over. I think I have about 15 more years of Kids' Week.

Coloring Travel Pack

Wanted to share a few ways my girls like to use their Coloring Travel Packs. I found that the Packs are much more useful for waiting in restaurants than for rides in the car.
Eva and I started writing little stories together. We just alternated sentences. Posted is an example from Strasbourg when we were waiting for our boat ride to start. My favorite sentence of Eva's, "She had golden tresses." Where did she learn the word tresses?
Audrey (almost 4!) likes to draw pictures together. Same idea of alternating. Her whole pad of paper is nearly filled with pictures she did with my mom in Prague. Posted here, though, is her story. Has to do just what her sister is doing.

We also like to play tic, tac, toe, hang man (is there a less gruesome name for this game?) and Guess What it is. They play this with Bryce. He draws a picture of something he sees and the girls try to figure out what it is.

If you make a Coloring Travel Pack I would love to see it . Leave a link to its picture in the comments.

The mystery macaron flavor is solved - fleur d'orange. I went into Wenge this weekend.Whew. Now I can sleep at night.

I really hope you chime in on Little Difference #24 - Colored Pencils.
Tell me about art supplies where you live.


Leslie said...

i love the idea of writing stories together. i think i am going to give that a try with my kids while we are on vacation@!

ksjjpalmer said...

I am very impressed by the cursive handwriting. Do they teach cursive to kindergarteners in Luxembourg? They don't here. Her spelling is well ahead of the curve too. Maybe it helps to have a mommy with teaching experience (and a kid who is interested). Kudo's to both of you.

Dana said...

And the best part is that at the end you have a collection of their words and drawings all together neatly to tuck away into that special box of childhood momentos -- unless, of course, your kid is like mine and rips out the pages often.


Christina said...

Too cute! Why do our sweet little girls have to grow up?!

As for the macarons - why on earth colour macarons, which have an orange flower water flavour, turquoise? Anyone else think this is a strange choice of colour?

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Hi Katie! We've been back home for over a month...wasn't suppose to, but things just worked out that way...Just chiming in on art supplies, here in Sweden, I would say the coloured pencils are the norm, though in general I don`t find one has as much choice here as I would in France... I usually stock up on loads of Crayola Crayons and products when I`m home, which I successfully did this time spending a good 200$ in Target on kids' stuff!! Actually, while home I also discovered the "Step Into Reading" books...Being in a foreign country and in a foreign language, I often don't realize all the tools out there that might help me with my kids as we're not exposed here to the same things... Just interesting all the material that is out there, but that I just don't know about as I live elsewhere...Am I making sense?

Gearing up for midsommardagen here in Sweden, the second biggest party of the year after Christmas and of course the Royal Wedding tomorrow...Stockholm has dubbed itself the "City of Love" and it's quite entertaining!!! (need to blog about that quickly!!!)

poppyart said...

hi. at school, freddie calls hangman - 'hang the spider'! is that slightly better than a swinging body? not so sure. bxx

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