Friday, June 11

World Cup

world cup stickers
We have been having so much fun with our FIFA World Cup sticker album. Each country participating in the World Cup has full page in the album. All players have a sticker. The hope or ultimate goal is to collect all the stickers.

It's turned into an evening ritual for us. After dinner we each open a pack of stickers and place them in the album. We're at the point now where we get as many doubles as new additions to the album. We've got to find a way to trade our doubles, if we've any real chance of completing the album.I'm really surprised how much the girls (and me) are enjoy collecting these stickers. Each time Audrey gets a player from Cameroon she yells out - MACARON! Ah, yes that's my girl. Today Eva said, "I wish Daddy, and Connie's Daddy, and Will's Daddy and Olivia's Daddy were all in the World Cup." So funny. They even wrote about the World Cup in school today.

World Cup fever is all over here in Luxembourg. Bryce is brave enough to meet a group of English friends tomorrow to watch the U.S. v. England game. Speaking of Americans and the World Cup, read this, found via here. Ha!

Do you have any special World Cup plans?

World Cup Stickers


Patricia said...

LOL! We have the same fever here! (and the same album!) and yes, I have two girls but we love to collect this ones too! Mainly because at least here in Argentina Mc Donalds gave the album with every happy meal so everyone caught the fever! I fell it has too many cards don´t you think?
This is a very "footbolized" country so we are all crazy about the Cup!
We have gatherings with "asado" (bbq for you) and friends to watch the games


Christina said...

Being anywhere in South America at the moment must be amazing.
Katy - I'm impressed at how you are embracing the game!
By the way, we've got heaps of doubles to swap too. Guess the girls are a little young to be into swapping in the playgound like my two...
As for the game this evening - may the best team win!

likeschocolate said...

Have fun! We spent around $100 to fill the European cup of 2008. I am so glad we aren't over there this summer. We even went to trades at the local mall in Switzerland, so that the boys could get some of the cards they didn't have. It was fun though!

Lisa said...

Oh man, I want a World Cup sticker book. We gathered around as a whole family to watch the game today. Only Tom thinks the girls talk too much while watching. It is all on topic, but he wants SILENCE! The girls were a bit disappointed the teams didn't have team names/mascots:-) ENJOY the craziness!

suddenly sahm said...

that is so fun

christie said...

this brings back memories..I happened to be
in Rome when Italy won the world cup over
Brazil...The plaza with the embassy was the
place to be. least I think Italy won, but
maybe it was Brazil. I can't remember any
details either. mom

Joy said...

The TV just happened to be on the World cup the other day at the exact time that they mentioned James Milner being a player. My husband's name is also James Milner, so we sat down and watched and cheered for 'Daddy'.. lol
I was particularily amused when he was pulled off the game for tripping.
My husband needs to learn how to play nice. :)

poppyart said...

this is my first time with a sticker album... and freddie and harry love it too! although, we did have a pile of 'swaps'... we failed to explain the concept properly. fred went off to school with his swaps... and gave them all away, not realising there should have been an exchange process! and his memory for the ones we already have is incredible!

Lena said...

OH MY how this takes me back. I still have mine from the 1994 cup when I was living in Norway. I was a senior in high school and all of us would get together for the games. Since it was an international school, we had people from all over the world. It was so much fun! I don't even know if we can get the sticker books in the States.

Dana said...

Ha! Thanks for the link (?)
Isn't it funny?
Italians are really, really, really into it.
The horns are killing me.
Have a great day!

Monkey's Mama said...

I would google swaps a few came up for me but they were in the UK - I assume there'd be some by you too!

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