Monday, July 12

Growing a Rainbow

Rainbow chard

We didn't do much planting this spring. Attempted sunflowers but the birds ate the seeds right out of the ground -we found the evidence sprinkled over the garden. The currents we planted last year are doing great, though. This year we got lots of black and red ones too. However, the girls and I have pretty much written currents off as inedible. They are sour, bitter and full of seeds. We do think they're beautiful. That counts for something, no?

Rainbow Chard

On a whim I bought a big plastic planter and threw the rainbow chard seeds in it, the seeds I bought last year but never got too. My mom told me chard was easy to grow and she is definitely right. Early on I realized the plants were too crowded. I didn't thin them out, just let 'em go. I recently picked about half the plants and left the others to grow. The ones I picked are smaller and the stalks are paler than normal due to the crowding. The plants left are looking much better thanks to the extra space.

Rainbow Chard

Does anyone know if I can freeze chard? I saw this post about freezing kale, but it looks like more effort than I'm willing to give. Please do leave a comment if you have a tip.

I sniffed out a handful of delicious sounding chard recipes. Yes, I could make more quiche, but my real man doesn't eat it. These recipes, though, look fit for a king. And a queen.

Rainbow Chard

Orzo soup - love the addition of the egg whites, something a bit different.

Sauteed chard with garlic and lemon - um, did someone say garlic and lemon? yum.

Mushroom, chard and Gruyere lasagna - spells comfort food, doesn't it?

Tuscan bean and chard soup - sounds hearty and substantial.

Rainbow chard, pine nuts and feta - these are a few of my favorite things . . .

Rainbow chard with lemon, capers and Parmesan - it is the addition of the egg that seals the deal on this recipe for me. And the capers.

Swiss chard and red pepper gratin - Anything with the word gratin in it is fine by me.

Now for the real work. Actually making one of these recipes. I'll keep you posted on that.

Rainbow Chard


christie said...

Please get good a chard cooking. You can
then advise me...I love it and always just
cook it with pine nuts, olive oil and lemon.
I do freeze it by chopping it and putting it
in a freezer bag, then putting it in soup
in the winter. mom

poppyart said...

we are big fans of swiss chard, grown some - it really takes off, doesn't it?? but get a big bunch from the local 'pick your own' we visit. olive oil and garlic is the usual. but have substituted it into stirfries/ chinese broths with great success. i am really looking forward to change in my 'condition' to head out and grab some more. (off to hospital tomorrow for sweep and hoepfully labour before too long!)bridgetx

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