Friday, July 2

The truth is

I haven't been blogging because it's too damn hot.


I'm drowning in a pool of my own sweat, unable to put one sloppy hand on the keyboard. Seriously. Heat brings out my least desirable qualities. Over dramatization being one of them. Ugh. I'm sorry for my peeps in Seattle who are still waiting for summer to arrive. I'd gladly give you 10 degrees or so.

Here is a varied clicky list for you ~ it is really all I can manage for you at this moment.

::The illustrations say it all in this blog. Funny stuff that's easy to relate to. Especially this one - it's like she's zoned in on my brain waves.

::Love how this project turns out. Would be great on the wall of a craft room.

::I'm going to have my first Pimm's (aka English sangria) this weekend! I'm quite excited. Are you familiar with this drink?

::This tumblr collection is funny, shocking, and if you're a parent you should definitely take a look. Maybe you have something to contribute to the list?

::I've been thinking a lot about chapter books for my girls. Curious about books that would be enjoyable read-alouds. I can't think beyond the Little House and Ramona series. Really getting tired of the Rainbow Magic. This list looks wonderful! I've only read twelve of them myself. Blush. Remember Island of the Blue Dophins? Awesome.

::Each day I think about making these cookies. Perhaps when it cools off. Have to figure out what she means by "good quality butter." Any guesses?

::Bought my first can of golden syrup today. It's amazing to me that baking ingredients vary so dramatically between countries. Don't even get me started on brown sugar. . .

Have a great weekend! Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! I'll be back when it cools.


This Girl loves to Talk said...

go golden syrup!! it is easily available in australia! but I know not really in the US.

Lisa said...

Sorry the heat is getting to you. It is hard to deal with. Poor Nora is a true northwest girl and anything above 75 degrees and she melts into a crabby little puddle!

Thanks for the book list. I have read a good number but it is a great list for Madison. I have been trying to push her into many of these but she loves the easy, series that have no literary value.

likeschocolate said...

Oops sorry if this comes up twice I don' think I put in the code. Had a good laugh over stuff children break. Have a happy 4th.

ksjjpalmer said...

I wish the "drawing" my daughter did with a rock on the side of my car photographed well. I would send it to that web site.
I have only read 10 of those books as well. I would definitely reccommend any books by Roald Dahl. His books are fun to read out loud.
I hope it cools down a bit for you, it sounds like we will be getting some heat next week and then we will all be complaining that it is too hot. Gotta love Seattle!

swissluxi said...

Happy 4th of July!
I think by "good quality butter" she means "real" butter and not low fat, low calory butter...I would use something like luxlait butter (gold and red package).

Dana said...

Ouch. . . no AC? We've just installed a couple of more units this week; I can't imagine being without them. Some fo those books may have themes not appropriate for young audiences. . . check 'em out.

I haven't found brown sugar the way we know it in Italy, but, luckily, we have access to a nicely-stocked American grocery store. It's like living overseas -- but not. Know what I mean? I know the syrup. We have a version of it in South LA. My dad would put it on his waffles or use it to make pralines. . . yum.
Happy 4th!

km said...

I have fun memories of finding peanut butter in China one summer when I was living there.

My kids loved Olga de Polga books by Michael Bond (the author of Paddington Bear books). Right now we're reading Stuart Little and The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Hope you find some good reads.

Monkey's Mama said...

I loved all the Cooper books (The Dark is Rising, etc. but prob best for a bit older). We've read "The Hobbit" (I edit but Logan loves it), "Pinocchio" - but man that is some twisted stuff! "Wind in the Willows", "Stuart Little" - can't think of any others offhand.

Marlo said...

I have been reading Betsy-Tacy and I really like it. A nice change from the same old Little House. My daughter is 3 and she LOVES Stuart Little. Good luck in the heat!

Laura said...

Good list of books! Ava and I just bought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Anne of Green Gables. We just finished Peter Pan, (the classic, not disney version) and have read quite a few of the books on the list. I didn't see the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books there. I liked reading those when I was little, and Ava has liked them as well.
P.S. We missed you at our last "girl's dinner", and are looking forward to when you'll be rejoining us :)

Mama Llama said...

I used to roll my eyes at them, but my son (who is 5) begged me to buy him one of those Great Illustrated Classics books, and I caved.

We started with Frankenstein, then Mutiny on the Bounty, and now we're half way through The Time Machine. I found a bunch of them at a yardsale, so we are set for a while.

They are extremely edited (I'm an ex-English Lit teacher, and they make me cringe just a little), but there is a picture on every page, which helps draw my son through the story.

Do I wish he would sit still and listen to the "real" versions of these books? Yes, because it would be so much more interesting for me, but I guess these are better than some of the alternatives (Captain Underpants?).

ELB said...

Hey Katy,
I can't vouch for their literary quality, but here are some things Margaret Anne has been enjoying of late (aside from the Rainbow Fairy books, of course!):
The A-Z mystery series (author's last name is Roy, I think)
The Littles series
Judy Moody series
she's really into mythology (I'm reading the Percy Jackson books to her), so we just found a set of books retelling the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne

I'm justifying my lack of concern about the quality of her reading matter by saying "THAT she's reading is more important that WHAT she's reading." Of course, now I must rush off to see how many of the books on that list I've read, and hopefully get some ideas for her!
I'm always looking for suggestions, so keep us posted if you manage to break away from the rainbow fairies!

katy said...

Palmer - I didn't know about the "drawing" on the car. When was that? Those second children . . . gotta watch them *all* the time! Heard summer finally came to Seattle - now it's probably too hot :)

suissluxi - thanks for the rec. luxlait butter is what I usually buy. I've never seen so many butter choices in my life until I moved here! Auchan must have over 100 varieties to choose from.

Dana - no AC, unless you call the mini fridge sized unit we have in our bedroom. It can only be turned on for an hour or so at a time before it's water reservoir needs to be emptied. But, hey I'll take it! We have fans in the girls rooms.

Yes, the book list seems to stretch from a 7-8 year old audience up to adult. It is definitely a list to reference as the kids grow-up. There are a bunch I'd like to read!

km - I loved Stuart Little! My mom read it to my and my sister. Thanks for the reminder!

Monkey's Mama - I swear the Hobbit is a boys book. I wonder why.

Marlo - Not familiar with Betsy -Tacy. I'll have to look it up. Another vote for Stuart Little.

Laura - I loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle too. I think my 4th grade teacher read us one. I miss you guys! Hope to catch up this summer! Maybe dinner?

Mama Llama - I think it sounds like a good compromise! Anything would be better than Captain Underpants.

ELB - why am I not surprised your brain child is into mythology?!? Good Grief. Speaking of Mary Pope Osborne, I just bought the first 4 Magic Treehouse books. My students used to love these. Although they may not have any "literary value" they do teach the kids a lot about the world (different places, etc.) and get them asking questions.

Honestly, I'm not opposed to the Rainbow Fairies so much. I'm just terribly tired of reading them aloud. Eva can read them to herself, but she still wants to me to read them too. I'm just asking for a little variety. Sheesh. It's supposed to be the spice of life. Try telling that to a kid.

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