Thursday, September 23

Corner View and a Mixed Tape

Mixed "tape"
My sister makes the best mixed tapes. She always has. They're eclectic, quirky and thoughtfully reflect the goings on when they were made. Looking through my pile of mixed tapes from her is better than any photo album or year book. I was gifted with "Surrounded by Hippies" during her year at Evergreen College in Olympia and Bryce was given "Life in the Board Room" during a busy time in his career. Naturally, all the tapes are safely tucked away in storage in Seattle or I would gladly share them with you.
Mixed "Tape"
You can imagine my delight when Emily gifted the girls with their first mixed tape (technically a mixed CD.) It arrived in the mail with a new pair of pajamas for each of them. Much to my delight they were as thrilled with the CD as I was. As usual it was so thoughtfully put together with songs she knew the girls liked (Disney, Sound of Music) and ones she thought they'd like (Fairy songs.) It reflected Emily's love of silly (Stinkle, Stinkle) her life in Hawaii (Humu State Fish) and our life in Luxembourg (Bonjour, Bonjour & Les Poissons) I look forward to some day in the future when we put this CD on and are taken back to this special time in our lives. Thank you Auntie Em!

I've been wanting to participate in Spain Daily's Corner View for such a long time. Each Wednesday blogs from around the world post a picture or antidote according to a theme. This week's theme is Humor. And so I give you a video - Foux Du Fafa by Flight of the Conchords - one of the funny songs Emily included on her CD.


likeschocolate said...

I liked this you tube video clip! How nice of your sister to make such a thoughtful gift. It must have taken her some time to compile all the song together. Lucky you!

christie said...

Bravo. I smiled all the way through the video
and felt so happy to have such wonderful daughters

Emily Malate said...

So glad the girls like the mix. The song You and Me makes me teary when I listen to it and think of your girls. My new office is across the street from the post office so they may be getting packies more often! The Coffee Song is for you of course.

Marlo said...

Love love love the Flight of the Conchords song! We listened to it so much when my oldest daughter was littler that she could come in on cue with "foux da fa fa" everytime. Alas, that may be the extent of her French right now. Enjoy your mix!

la ninja said...

the flight of the conchords are one of my favourite singer-songwriter duo :)
I'm totally digging the mixed tape concept. so glad's still being used!

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