Monday, December 6

Christmas Book

Since we've been in Luxembourg we've given the girls a new Christmas book to add to our collection. The first year here it was Gingerbread Friends. Last year it was Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree. This year I intentionally searched for an English Christmas story. I'm taking full advantage of having access (aka no shipping charges) to so many wonderful books that are new to us. I thought Musgrove and Father Christmas sounded perfect!
Musgrove and Father Christmas
Musgrove, a large and apparently friendly, rat is nanny to Hermione. Their adventures together have formed a series of Musgrove books. In this one Musgrove and Hermione search for the perfect Christmas tree. One that smells of Christmas. In the end it is Father Christmas himself who supplies the perfect tree, smell and all. It is a charming book with an feel of days gone by. Written in script and accompanied by sweet illustrations, it was the perfect addition to our Christmas collection this year.

Here are a few of our other Christmas book favorites. What are yours?

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Monkey's Mama said...

Checked out a new one this year from the library - "Santa's Stowaway" very cute!

I also like, "The Littlest Christmas Tree", "Santa Bear" and the classics - Rudolph and Night before Christmas

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