Wednesday, December 29

Little Difference #30

Little Difference #30 - Champagne

Now, first off let me just acknowledge that I'm not going to use the term champagne correctly in this post. I'm going to use champagne to refer to any sparkling wine - cremant, prosecco, and yes, even champagne. As we all know only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France is truly champagne as it has PDO status.

With New Year's Eve only days away I imagine many of you are buying some champagne to help bring in the New Year; to celebrate;toast to good health. Am I right? In America champagne is purchased and consumed for celebratory reasons - the new year, big promotion, wedding anniversary. Here in Luxembourg champagne (cremant) is not only a special occasion drink it is an any-given-Tuesday drink. Perhaps it is because Luxembourg produces its own cremant in the Moselle Valley. Maybe cremant is a source of national pride. I really don't know why it is consumed so regularly.
Girls night out? We start with cremant and often end with cremant. Dinner party? Cremant aperitif. Visit with the neighbors? Sure, an afternoon cremant sounds great! All markets, festivals, outside (and inside) events have a cremant booth. Kid birthday parties? It is not uncommon for the host and hostess to provide parents with a glass. You can even get cremant (beer or wine too, of course) at indoor play areas for kids.

My point is champagne is more than just a special occasion drink here. I don't want to say it flows like water, but it flows like water here. My friends and I realized this one night out when we ordered a bottle of cremant one random evening out. Someone said, "Would you drink this at home?" Both English and American, we all agreed "No." But then we're not home so we drink champagne like it ain't no thing.

Enjoy your champagne this weekend. We will do the same here in Luxembourg. Of course we'll enjoy it again next Thursday or Monday or maybe both days.

What's the champagne culture where you live?

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Dana said...

All Prosecco, all the time. . .no special occasion needed. In fact, this is true of wine in general here. I also think we drink a lot more fizzy water than we would if we were living stateside.

We are headed out to get a "special" bottle of Prosecco for the holiday, in fact. . . .because not all Prosecco is created equally.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I love champagne. It really doesn't matter the kind or the brand. Something about the little bubbles and the zing. We just bought 3 bottles coming through duty free at the airport. Some random south african brand as I have not seen any in rwanda. PS - you forgot to mention the infamous mimosa - another great way to drink champ in the AM! xo S

Road Trippers said...

You forgot Cava in Spain! My favorite.

The Expatresse said...

I have long drunk "champagne" at home, but for the past, oh 7-8 years, I lived near "champagne" producers and so I bought it by the case. But I know that's not normal. Prior to that, the last time I had champagne was when my youngest (she is now 10) was born. If that makes sense.
(I have a case of bubbly in the basement as I type . . .)

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving to study abroad in Luxembourg at Miami University in two days! Do you have any suggestions on what types of gift ideas I should bring my host family?

katy said...

Dana - Very true, not all bottles of champagne are created equal. Totally get it about a special bottle. Have a great memory of drinking prosecco with strawberries in the bottom of the glass. Just thinking of it makes me happy!

Yoali - You are right about mimosas! Honestly, I did think about them and the champagne breakfast but then I forgot about it. That's how my mind works - on off on off on off. And why am I not at all surprised that you love champagne, my sweet fruity wine loving friend!

Road Trippers - I don't know Cava. Must try it!!

Expatresse - Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed your case!

Anon - Sorry I didn't get back to you in time. I think you're on a plane now. Enjoy your time here in Lux!

Monkey's Mama said...

I have been drinking prosecco a lot lately - no special occasion - just love the bubbly! I also have been drawn to champagne cocktails as of late - especially anything with St. Germain (elderflower liqueur)

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