Sunday, January 30

Sunny Sunday

Nigella's KITCHEN cook book
Today I made Sunshine Soup. How could I not make it with a name like that? It is from Nigella's cookbook, Kitchen, which was a Christmas gift from Bryce.
Sunshine Soup
It is simple and sweet and, most importantly, lives up to it's name. Corn, roasted peppers and chicken broth are whirled together to form a soup that will bring warmth to any mealtime. The recipe makes a generous amount, perfect for freezing and saving for a day in need of a bit of light.
Sunshine Soup
Do you need a little sunshine? Here is the recipe.


ksjjpalmer said...

Guess what I made today. Asparagus Tart! for my book group ladies. Yummy! That soup looks super good. I'm going to put it on my list. Thanks!

likeschocolate said...

looks delish! Can't wait to taste it!

Emily Malate said...

do you think it would taste okay with veggie stock?

se7en said...

Oh yummy and we have all the ingredients!!! Looks divine!!!

christie said...

How about a little grated parm on top? mom

katy said...

Susan - Yum, asparagus! I hope your book group liked it.

LikesChocolate - So easy to make too.

Emily - I'm sure veggie stock would be just fine.

se7en - Let me know how it goes!

Christie - Mom, yes to parm! I used a dollop of plain yogurt and a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

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