Monday, February 21

Little Difference #33

Ice Cream in Lux
Mirabelle plums are olive size, yellow plums common to the Lorraine region of France (on the right.)

Little Difference #33 - Ice Cream Flavors

And what a tasty difference it is! No Rocky Road, Neapolitan, Cookie Dough, or Chocolate Chip Mint here in Lux. But look what they do have. We're not suffering. No, not at all!

Ice Cream in Lux
Stracciatella (on the left) is found in every gelateria. It is vanilla with little chocolate pieces in it. It happens to be Eva's favorite.
Ice Cream in Lux
Dame Blanche, on the right, is a Belgian (and parts of France) dessert. It is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce (sometimes heated) and Chantilly cream on top. In the U.S. we would call it a hot fudge sundae or chocolate sundae.
Ice Cream in Lux
Marron is the French word for chestnut (although, technically Marrons are slightly different from Chestnuts.) Marrons glac├ęs (on the right) are candied chestnuts; a confection from the south of France.
Ice Cream in Lux
Quetsche plums are common in this region. The Questche we get in Luxembourg are from Germany. They look like, what we in the U.S., would call Italian Prunes. Speculoos (on the right) are Belgian cookies that are traditionally eaten during St. Nicholas Day.
Ice Cream in Lux
Cannelle is the French word for cinnamon(on the left.) On the right we have Orange Blossom Honey (Miel.)
Ice Cream in Lux
Pink Grapefruit (pamplemousse) on the right.

Light ice cream, so common in the U.S., is nearly non existent here. Ben & Jerry's ice cream is sold here . . . for about 5,00 euros a pint! It's funny too, that for as popular as ice cream is, there aren't any ice cream shops here - only Gelaterias. I'm not complaining, just sayin'!

Tell me about ice cream in your neck of the woods!

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Deb @ inner compass designs said...

I live in Australia (12 years now - from NYC originally) and this is one of the highest ice cream consuming nations in the world! thanks to the climate people eat it all year round and the weirdest thing for me is at the movies - i will see more people buying ice cream than popcorn - they eat choc top ice cream cones - the counter people take scooped ice cream cones and dip them in chocolate that makes a shell on top.

in your photos you have Movenpick ice cream there - that is THE best ice cream we have ever eaten - we have a Movenpick shop here and it costs more than other places but we treat our family there semi-regularly. the tiramisu ice cream is like eating a spoonful of the actual dessert with the sponge, wine etc!

Potters said...

I found yogurt flavored gelato while traveling in Europe a few years ago. It was instantly my favorite. Tangy and sweet, deliciousness! Your post makes me remember how yummy it was! Needless to say I haven't found it in the US.

Dana said...

I agree with the yogurt gelato . . . though I don't think it's considered yogurt-flavored gelato; it's frozen yogurt. (I think.) Nonetheless, it is very tasty. I haven't checked out the flavors in the freezer section, but my fav at the gelateria after frozen yogurt is chocolate with hazelnut. Yum. I don't remember that gelato flavors are quite so exotic. Then again, I've been here long enough that it begins to seem normal. Does that make sense? I do know one thing, you will never find peanut butter chocolate or rocky road or cherry garcia or choc chip cookie dough . . .

Dana said...

Hi Katy --
Just went from your blog to here, where I found a post on gelato. .

Joy said...

Yumm... those look so good.

I don't think that the Grapefruit is mixed with rose - more likely it's Pink Grapefruit, to which the translation is Pamplemousse rose.

The Expatresse said...

When I lived in Buenos Aires, we could call and have ice cream delivered . . . by the KILO!

It was good . . . I was fat. Ahhhh.

jojoebi-designs said...

one of the most popular ice-cream's here is macha (green tea), purple sweet potato is popular where we live since it is sweet potato country, in Tokyo there is a big ice-cream city where you can get anything from mint-choc-chip to whale to miso ramen to soy sauce to wasabi (horse radish), DH tried the last one, it was disgusting!

se7en said...

Oh Ice cream flavors over here are dull and well duller... I think Florence may have ruined local ice-cream for me... and Rome with a splash of fresh cream in the top... You can get endless "types of ice-cream" here: double cream, half fat, fat free, sugar free... free of everything including flavor!!! Flavors are generally vanilla or chocolate or strawberry... when I was a kid I remember so much more. We can get hagen daz at an incredible price!!! So we make our own or if we eat out we head for the local ice-cafe... which has lots of yummy flavors...( my best ice-cream since childhood: 3 scoops: rum and raisin, coffee and lemon... yum!

Anonymous said...

It must be so fun to go to the grocery and discover new foods and products.

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