Thursday, March 3

Brioche avec Sucre

St. Genix Brioche
We stopped at a boulangerie on our way out of La Clusaz. We needed a little bite of breakfast to eat as we started the long car ride back to Luxembourg. I chose a dozen choquettes and 2 pain au chocolats and then made the mistake of trying to pay for it with a 50. Not one to enjoy being on the receiving end of a scowl, I immediately pointed to a large, round brioche sprinkled with pearl sugar. I hoped adding this 9 euro loaf of bread would turn her frown upside down and encourage her to give me my change without telling me off. It seemed to do the trick and I ducked out of the shop pastries in one hand and my precious change in the other.
St. Genix Brioche
I didn't think about the brioche until we got home. I cut it in half to give the girls a little afternoon snack. Much to my surprise the brioche had hot pink filling in it! I remembered seeing something similar on Kerrin's blog. I looked it up and and a few clicks later I identified the brioche as a g√Ęteau de Saint-Genix. Turns out this is a specialty of the Savoie region of France (which we were in !) I love trying the local dishes when I travel and was pleased that this loaf ended up in my possession.
St. Genix Brioche
The pink stuff in the middle of the brioche is referred to as praline. But it is not the same praline we think of in the U.S. Well, it sort of is as it is almond and sugar. But the sugar is not caramelized on these pralines roses (pink pralines.) There is also the obvious addition of food coloring to give the pralines their pink color. The St. Genix I bought also seemed to have a red jelly in it as well. In fact the white wrapping I peeled from the bottom of the loaf was sticky with redish pink syrup. All the recipes I found for it, however, didn't include a confiture or anything similar. Quite a mystery, folks.
St. Genix Brioche
Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini fame says that pink pralines are available at G. Detou. Next time you're in Paris you can buy some and make a St. Genix of your very own.

G. Detou
58 rue Tiquetonne
75002 Paris
01 42 36 54 67


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Good Grief that looks sinfully delicious and probably adds pounds and cavities just by staring at the screen too long! Happy Weekend!

American in Bath said...

It's probably good that I'd have to cross the channel in order to pick some of that up. It looks beautiful. Yum.

christie said...

I am so glad I am coming for a visit. mom

Road Trippers said...

mercy me. travel, eat, travel, eat. this reminds me of why.

Anonymous said...

yummmmm ! oh that looks seriously divine and super sweet and sticky and delicious ! ;) totally reminiscent of la praluline (thanks for sharing my link above !). i'm thinking that the sticky/syrupy/jelly-like texture is simply all the butter and sugar melting and caramelizing during baking. just a guess. whatever it is, sure looks awfully good to me ! =)

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