Wednesday, March 16

Signs of Spring

Look who sprang up in our neighborhood!
There are four babies.
This mama kept a close eye on me. Look at those knobby knees.
Mama and babies
So darling.
Protective Mama
Yeah, yeah I'll back off.
Lambs, bonfires, I dare say spring has sprung.


suddenly sahm said...

she looks like Russell - do you know the Russell childrens books? Love em

skyfighter said...

So cute! Have your girls been able to pet them?

ksjjpalmer said...

I had lambs (and sheep) when I was growing up. I remember feeding them with bottles. So cute! I love Spring!

Millie said...

Lovely photos! I love lambs...we only have calves...very cool too, but not quite so cuddley!
I love how the ewe is telling you to back off!

Potters said...

Adorable!! The look from Mama is quite funny, she was definitely giving you the stink eye!

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