Wednesday, April 6

Little Difference #35

Little Difference #35 - Yellow Chicken

The first time I bought it I thought it was spoiled. I didn't notice the package which clearly states - Jaune. Sometime later I realized that there were actually 2 different colors of chicken for sale in the grocery store - jaune (yellow) and blanc (white.) Blanc must be the default color. Packages are not labeled blanc like the yellow meat is. As you can see by the pictures the meat is not glaringly yellow. It is darker than the white and has a yellow tinge.
I tried to find out a bit about this yellow chicken, unfortunately I didn't turn up much. One note I read said the variations in color are due to the skin color of the chicken. I also read that poulet jaune get their yellow tinge from being fed maize. I read that there is black (noir) chicken also. Haven't run into that in the store! The poulet jaune is more expensive than the standard. The breast meat seems firmer. I can't tell a difference in taste.

Do you know more about yellow chicken? Please tell!

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American in Bath said...

It looks the color of chicken to me. I must investigate what color chicken is when I'm in the States.

The Expatresse said...

When my French friends were here at Christmas, I asked about the white vs. yellow chickens. She said the only difference was that the yellow chickens are fed corn to make them, well, yellow. Otherwise, it is like white pepper vs. black pepper: which color best suits your recipe?

I don't notice a difference in flavor, but I gravitate toward the yellow. But in general, I buy the free-range/bio/organic chickens which tend to have more color anyhow.

Dana said...

I hadn't notice a difference in chicken color here. I'll be sure to look next time. I've forgotten what's generally available in the States; I do like the very thinly sliced breasts that we can get here -- which are great for the indoor grill pan & to top a salad.

Now my curiosity is peaked and I'm on the lookout....

katy said...

American in Bath - I should have put a standard piece of chicken next to the yellow one for comparison. You would definitely see the difference.

The Expatresse - Thanks for the info!

Anita said...

In the US, Perdue chicken made a whole ad campaign out of the fact their chicken was yellow - because they fed them merigolds (along with other stuff).

I always assumed it was something similar with these chickens.

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