Sunday, July 31

Real Time

Hello from beautiful Seattle!

We're 2 weeks in and feeling a bit more settled. As settled as one can feel in a temporary apartment. Our things are out to sea, set to land in Seattle in early September.

I'm seeing the city with new eyes and loving what is there! My amazing sister sent these tdf T-shirts to the girls to welcome them home. Find your Seattle neighborhood! Ballard? West Seattle? Greenwood? She's got you covered. Super cute, no?
Please join me on tumblr for: Hipstamatic August - a month of pictures. I will post a picture a day; celebrating summer, Seattle and my new iPhone (who are we kidding?) Here on Sycamore Stirrings I'll be posting a hodge podge of things, yet to be determined. Much depends on how quickly our air shipment arrives with my much missed computer. I hope you stop by. I have some things in the hopper for you. Worth checking out, I think.

Hope you are well and enjoying summer! See you tomorrow on tumblr.

*all pictures by orangeroom


Emily Malate said...

I want pics of the girls in those Tees!! Congrats on the new IPHONE!! Welcome to this new amazing world :)
love you.

ELB said...

So glad to think of you back in familiar surroundings! I'm looking forward to QC Retreat even more so now :)

fille79 said...

Welcome home to a lovely summer in Seattle!
Hi, My husband works for Amazon and we are moving from Vashon Island (right across from West Seattle) to Luxembourg at the beginning of September for his job. We currently have a two yr old and I will be 36 weeks pregnant when we arrive in Lux (yes, totally crazy I know). I've been reading your blog since we found out we might be moving there and I'd love to pick you brain about meeting other mamas, childcare there, what neighborhoods are good to live in within a close distance to Clausen (where Amazon EU is located)and many other questions........
I know you probably are ready to move on with your new life back in Seattle, but if you get some free time, I'd love to exchange a few emails.
Ariane Harris

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

I'm glad you made it back safely but will miss Lux almost as much as you! I've enjoyed your adventures and can't wait to see what's next.

likeschocolate said...

These t-shirts are darling!

moonsword said...

Found you through TCB. I love your Hipstamatic photos...what a fun idea! I'm off to explore your Crafts section. Cheers!

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