Thursday, November 3


I never did tell you about our musical weekend.  Guess that is because I took another impromptu week off.  Sheesh, get it together, Katy.

Anyhoo, In addition to the Pearl Jam documentary we watched we also went to a concert that weekend.  Death Cab for Cutie.  Boy, let me tell you there were a different band than the one we saw 3 years ago.  They were animated, upbeat and really rockin'  Maybe it was the difference between being the opening band (3 years ago they opened for Neil Young) and being the headliner.  Maybe it was the less melancholy vibe of their newest album.  What ever it was there was a different energy from the band this time.

When Bryce and I attend a concert our conversation inevitably revisits the topic of fantasy concerts. The topic goes like this: If you could attend any concert ever performed what would you see?  Top 3 of my list - Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads (the Stop Making Sense Tour) and early Pearl Jam (I'm thinking 1991ish, when the hair was long, the venues were teeny and Eddie Vedder could be found climbing the walls and ceiling.)  What about you?


Dana said...

Okay, don't judge . . .
Michael Jackson
(Both in their much younger years.)
(As is would be fine!)

In my fantasy, I must have the best seats in the house, though a back stage pass would be way too much for me.

The last concert I attended was Alicia Keys (in the ancient Verona arena.)
The last one before that was John Legend.

The last concert I almost attended was Crosby & Nash, last Saturday. They lost a couple of key players along the way, but they are currently touring Europe. Something came up, we couldn't go.

Okay. . . enough!

katy said...

FUN!! I would totally see Madonna in her Borderline days with the lace gloves and cute belly. My most recent concerts seen, PJ Harvey, Florence and the Machine and Tom Jones (!!) My first concert ever - UB40!. What was yours?

Emily Malate said...

I'm just feeling really appreciative I've gotten to see so many of my tops (Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone, Tori, Afgan Whigs, PJ...
Led Zep is on my list too
Ella Fitzgerald
U2 during the Unforgettable Fire stage
The Dears

I think my first concert was seeing Midnight Oil :)

jojoebi-designs said...

ohhhh hmmm

Linkin park
Janes Addiction
and Green Day doing American idiot in a small venue.

I'll probably be thinking about all night and change my mind 74 times!

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